UK government continues to invest in easier illegal immigration, and LOTS of data on the mRNA: Links 1, December 10, 2021

1. Substack of Eugyppius: The missing graph drawn from data for week 49 of Covid case rates UK. Vaxxed Vs un vaxxed

2. The UK creates jobs to help illegals get into UK by letting them call from the channel and get picked up and brought into the UK

3. Canadian health minister hints COVID regime could continue for ‘months, possibly even years’

‘It’s a very significant step in further enhancing the tools with which we can use over the next months, possibly even years, in order to protect both people and the healthcare system,’ said Jean-Yves Duclos.

OTTAWA, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) – Canada’s Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos hinted last week that government edicts such as travel bans and vaccine mandates enacted due to the COVID crisis might continue for months or even “years.”

“There will always be, unfortunately, people who will be infected with COVID and some of them will have severe symptoms,” said Duclos during a press conference last Friday. “It’s a lot better to avoid these people having to go to a hospital for all sorts of personal and public health reasons.”

Duclos said that the latest news of a partnership with major drugmakers Merck and Pfizer for new oral antiviral COVID 19 treatments is a “fourth” tool in the government’s “toolbox” to combat the spread of the virus.

More recently:

(Please note: CBC asks not one question which might protect Canadian’s most basic rights, even the ultimate basic right of exit. They just set the stage for a totalitarian minister to justify his policies. Which is an astonishingly poor justification. It’s like saying that Apple’s variant of the iPhone 13. about to be released, could be a threat to your privacy so we better shut down the internet or tightly control it until we know for sure, and we never will. They don’t even mention that the new variant may actually be so mild that it could be an actual solution to the Pandemic, even such as it is, as it could offer real permanent natural immunity to all forms of Covid19. Which will be great till they dump Novel Covid 22 on us of course. She also lets him make the false comparison with the fly vaccines. There is no compulsion to take them. You can take them or leave them and not lose your job, access to activities, entrance to locations. His casual correlation is a crime against semantics.)

The reality:

4. Enemy Propaganda Washington Post: Omicron may require fourth vaccine dose sooner than expected, Pfizer says

(So, to be clear, and the following is not what I think, or what a small cabal of doctors think. It is established science. The mRNA shots are tailored to the legacy strain of the Corona19 virus which is now extinct. Which is why it is useless against the Delta form of the virus, if any of you buy any of this at all. The Xi Nu Omicron variant, has more mutations away from the extinct legacy strain than any other by a wide margin. So the solution is another dose of the same crap that doesn’t work for Delta, but does carry significant medical risks all on its own. Good luck to anyone who reads the WaPo and confuses it with information.)

The new omicron variant could increase the likelihood that people will need a fourth coronavirus vaccine dose earlier than expected, executives at pharmaceutical giant Pfizer said Wednesday. Boosters are likely to help control the variant, according to the company, which said early lab experiments suggest that the standard two-dose regimen still provides some protection against severe illness from the variant.

Albert Bourla, Pfizer’s chief executive, had projected that a fourth dose might be needed 12 months after a third shot. But he said on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” that the timeline mightneed to be moved up. One of the company’s top scientists recently said a fourth shot — possibly one targeting omicron — is likely to be necessary.

(And if they do produce a targeted version for Omicron and get it into people’s arms without any kind of testing as per, then anyone familiar with standard Darwinian evolutionary theory should know what happens next. A ton of new mutations which always happens when you mass vaccinate during a pandemic. And for those in medicine, maybe you can explain to your social circuit when you are all far away from your cell phones, how ADE works.)

5. Major Study Reveals Real Myocarditis Risk with mRNA Vaccines—Young Males Most at Risk

Recently, a substantial study involving numerous prominent academic medical centers investigated the problem of heart-related side effects associated with COVID-19 vaccines. Led by an associate cardiologist-in-chief at Boston Children’s Hospital and a University of Utah pediatric cardiologist, the study results, published in the journal Circulation, evidence incidence of myocarditis, or inflammation of the heart muscle as a noted side effect of the COVID-19 vaccines in adolescents and young adults, especially males. Dongngan Truong, MD, with University of Utah and Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City along with Jane Newburger, MD, MPH, at Boston Children’s Hospital, led this study finding that symptoms are usually mild and most often subside quickly. But some people had laboratory and cardiac MRI evidence of myocardial injury necessitating the need for monitoring programs associated with the mass vaccination program. The long-term effects of those vaccinated and experiencing myocarditis post the vaccine must be understood—with the necessary care available for them.

Thank you all, C., M., Johnny U., MissPiggy, Last Man Standing, Oz-Rita, and there are many people in the comments here on site, and at the Mastodon link posting important and worthy materials. 

At this stage, Tin foil hat people are the only ones worth listening to. The people to fear are the tin foil patch guys.

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  1. Wanted: for Crimes Against Humanity with Malice Aforethought; Wanted for instituting Apartheid; Wanted for Genocide, and for numerous and heinous contraventions of the Nuremberg Code, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    Jean-Yves Duclos
    Patty Hadju
    Bonny Henry
    Justin Trudeau.
    Orderly Judicial proceeding, or mobb action, or Direct Action by a cell of one, I care not how, let’s just get it on.

  2. ITEM 3: The detention camp video: what is so terrible is the lack of unity among people. So many frightened sheep peering, while fully masked, from their slightly opened units.


    – UK: Sudden unexplained death of a submarine officer. –

    – USA: They’re perfecting the art of terrifying people –

    EXCLUSIVE: Omicron has now been sequenced in HALF of U.S. states as expert issues grave warning that 32,000 Americans ‘who think they’ll be alive to celebrate Christmas and New Years’ will be DEAD by year’s end

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