RIAR Article on Israeli Testimonies project.

Please click through to RAIR foundation for this well presented story of the faces and stories we are denied through those agencies, such as the media and government, that were created for our betterment, security and protection, and now appear to be enemies of the people.

Below is a video we subtitled sometime ago, and I don’t believe we posted at Vlad before, because the implications are too serious to present in case it isn’t true. But given the things we know are true that have appeared subsequent to this video, it seems more irresponsible not to present it and trust that you all can decide for yourselves if this is likely or is some kind of horror show made up by an enemy of Israel. And there are certainly indicators that this is could be the case.

But those same indicators could also be the rational feelings of a mother in this woman’s position.

The WHO after all, wants conversations about global submission to collectivist unelected governance mandatory vaccinations world wide.

Since we are inventing statistics that appear to be the opposite of the same government’s official statistics which show that the more vaccinated the region the HIGHER the Covid rate, hospitalization, ICU and death rates are, I have another one for him.

The regions with the largest number of gel-haired petty tyrannical overpaid under-qualified unelected bureaucrats, the lower the degree of personal freedom in all arenas of life, and the lower the quality of living even in potential, and the more expensive the cost for that lowered quality of living.

And since the UN is made up of entirely those kinds of petty-tyrants, I suggest it be dismantled and all its laws and regulations be made far subservient to national and federal constitutions.


After all, it isn’t like Islamic sharia states obey UN diktats. In fact the opposite is closer to the truth. The UN obeys sharia diktats.



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