A frightening new potential explanation for vaccine-driven myocarditis and other problems

From Alex Berenson’s Substack:

in part…

Researchers in the New England Journal of Medicine raise the possibility of an uncontrolled autoimmune response to the coronavirus spike protein that may last indefinitely

Downstream effects of the antibodies that people produce against the coronavirus spike protein may lead to myocarditis and even neurological concerns, two veteran medical researchers have written in the top medical journal in the United States.

Our immune systems produce these antibodies in response to both vaccination and natural infection with Covid. However – though the researchers do not say so explicitly, possibly because doing so would be politically untenable – spike protein antibody levels are MUCH higher following vaccination than infection. Thus the downstream response to vaccination may be more severe.

The NEJM published the short paper Wednesday in its Basic Implications of Clinical Observations series. One of the writers is an oncologist and professor at Harvard Medical School; the other is a cancer researcher who has his own lab at the University of California, Davis.


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  1. I can’t find where I posted the link of the French singer. Here it is again with explanation below.

    Yes, indeed, she is so grateful that she had both injections. It was only a case of light Covid. But she doesn’t explain that she was fine throughout her show and suddenly down she goes, clutching her chest. She also canceled a series of scheduled shows.


    Her statement:

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