Full Vanden Bossche video, and new scariant just in time to kill Christmas: Links 2, November 26, 2021

1. Here is a link to the full interview of Belgian doctor, Geert Vanden Bossche, from which we posted a small segment from a Twitter video the other day.
The Twitter video stirred a lot of comments and feelings. This is good. This subject deserves a lot more of a viceral reaction than it’s getting overall. I personally know several doctors who were fired or quit or left medicine altogether because they object to these mRNA/DNA injections and the mandates to take not-safe medications. This deserves more reaction.

The video is 1:17:18 long.

2. Just in time to cancel Christmas, a new African variant.

One wonders how many mannequins this variant will put in ICUs across Canada.

France proposes to stop all travel from Southern Africa

All 4 of the people with the new variant were fully ‘vaccinated’.

Netherlands cancels flights from Southern Africa.

3. A few days ago, we posted a link to the whole interview with Robert F Kennedy Jr. done by Tucker Carlson. Below, a similar one by the Corbett Report. It is also very good.

4. We are witnessing the Chinafication of Europe

5. Sucharit Bhakdi references William Tell and the Gessler hat in this appeal to vote for freedom in an upcoming referendum.

Hopefully we find out what the referendum is actually on soon.

Thank you all for your efforts so far this week to make this site a conduit of alternative possibilities to the increasingly authoritarian narrative.

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4 Replies to “Full Vanden Bossche video, and new scariant just in time to kill Christmas: Links 2, November 26, 2021”

  1. Switzerland has a referendum system.It is the last direct democracy in the world. Anylaw can be voted on directly and in person by a Swiss citizen if 25 000 signatures can be obtained on a petition calling for a referendum, with 24 hours.
    the people are called canton by canton to vote .Their vote is binding .If they vote against the law the law is quashed /dropped ,is no longer valid.
    This referendum is to cancel the referendum system in it’s entirety ,which means the end of the people’s ability to prevent overreach by those who are in power over them..

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