A second highly credentialed cardiologist speaks frankly about bad science and dangerous vaccines and policies

Source: OANN

This makes a great double feature with Dr. Peter McCullough’s appearance on Alex Jones. Peter, as a deeply versed scientist in these issues, tends to explain them well, but often very quickly. The linked video, may be worth watching twice or going over a couple of parts a few times. The explanations are very good. But its hard to absorb some of the concepts when fired from a Gatling gun.

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    • Not wanting to jump to a conclusion too early on, it could also be an epileptic episode.

      Police said someone was going around injecting people at random. If true, that could be a terror-related event. A huge venue tightly packed with young people, now that would be an ideal target.

  1. Dr. Harvey Risch, epidemiologist at Yale School of Medicine, addressed the vaccine risks to children in an appearance on the Laura Ingraham’s Ingraham Angle, Nov, 5.

    Here he is on the risk of myocarditis in the young:

    INGRAHAM: “That begs the question about what their motivation really is. And Dr. Fauci was on cable news earlier this week, taking this all a step further, and pushing vaccines for five to eleven-year-olds. Watch”

    She then show this clip:

    FAUCI: “It’s important for the children. We have 28 million children from five to eleven years old who will benefit personally from a health standpoint. The safety profile is really quite good. Our FDA, particularly when it comes to children, are very, very scrupulous in figuring out whether or not we have a benefit/risk ratio that’s favorable.”

    INGRAHAM: “Dr. Risch . . . So where is Fauci getting this wrong?”

    DR. HARVEY RISCH: “He’s believing the CDC, what the CDC says. The CDC has been in total denial over the amount of adverse events that have occurred from these vaccines. They’ve played it down. They use the VAERS, which under-reports. We have an inkling of this because, when Pfizer presented to the FDA about the five-to-eleven data from their randomized trial, there was a slide that showed the [?] database on randomized trials that showed 4x what the VAERS showed. And the study on athletes also showed that asymptomatic myocarditis is actually 4x the number of actually diagnosed myocarditis. So we’re talking about 16-fold larger numbers of myocarditis in young people. And this is just totally being repressed or distorted by the CDC and the FDA.”

    Sorry. Full transcript and video is not up yet. Should be soon, at this link:


      Laura Ingraham from ====> 16:41

      – the segment with Dr Risch starts just after 18:54

      “INGRAHAM: “That begs the question about what their motivation really is.”

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