Mysteries and wonders abound, death by coincidence grows as cause: Links 1, November 7, 2021

1. 28 year old body builder drops dead 4 days after vaxx

(So many athletes are dropping dead, nearly always of heart issues shortly after getting the mRNA shots, that its not even news to those who are paying attention. Here is today’s challenge. Go out and talk to people you meet at the grocery store or walking. See if any of them know about ANY of the athletes who dropped because of the shot. You will be astonished at the degree of divide. Those of us who know are on the edge of annoyed with new revelations of an athlete who died or was very badly injured from the mRNA shots. Annoyed because its so common and because no one is doing anything about it. But most people have no clue whatsoever. If you mention it the best you can hope for is being treated politely while they wait for you to go away. They haven’t heard of it on enemy propaganda news, so it can’t be real. And in their defence, its a bitter pill to swallow that something so important is being kept from them, so acceptance of the fact of the dead and dying athletes is also acceptance of a much bigger revelation. All that they know of the government-media complex, is a lie designed to hurt them.)

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK — A 28-year-old bodybuilder and FedEx driver is dead despite knowing the risks and seeing through the propaganda surrounding the injections and the medical industry at-large.

Mr. Jake Kazmarek would likely be classified as an “anti-vaxxer” by Fauci disciples. He insinuated in one post that big pharma is profiting off the so-called pandemic, without regard to public health. […] 

He received his second Moderna mRNA injection on September 28. Mr. Kazmarek posted a photo of his “vaccine card” that day. He captioned the post saying “it is what it is” and suggested he only got the shots for his freedom. Mr. Kazmarek also asked a rhetorical question that he answered himself. “Does it make me a sheep? No,” he wrote. […]

Several individuals commented on Mr. Kazmarek’s post featuring his vaxx card. One woman said she recently got her Pfizer “booster” shot and suffered no adverse effects. Mr. Kazmarek not only made clear that he’s not a fan of boosters, but also was “not feeling good at all” one day after the second Moderna injection.

2. 1 hour video in English with Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche and Dr. Phillip MacMillan on injecting children with mRNA and what the impact on their immune systems may be.

3. Senegalese migrant to Italy admires some Italian/Roman sculpture from up close.

4. Waterford Ideland. 99.5% vaxxed, yet hospitals are full of seriously ill Covid patients. A mystery! It must be cause people don’t mask enough and they travel to Great Britain! Must be them damn Brits! Cause one must never admit the vaccines are shite.

5. Young men are mysteriously dropping dead, not just on game fields, but on dance floors. I think big-media is sponsoring a contest for people to make up the most plausible excuse that has nothing to do with the fact that they had to be recently vaccinated to get in to these places.

Thank you Sassy, M., ET., EB., Tom S., and all who are bad hypnosis subjects. That is about 10% of the general public I suspect, and nearly everyone here.

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  1. Weird yes, I heard a msm version saying the security guard had a puncture as if someone gave a knock out shot , and additionally panic in the crowd gave way to cardiac arrest.
    Now I kind of want to hear that report version again.

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