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16 Replies to “Israeli starts VAERS like group, speaks with Reiner Fuellmich about government deception and coercion”

  1. In Israel it appears that the unvaccinated are being treated with the same extreme hostility as was meted out to the Jews in Hitler’s Germany.

    The same animus against the unvaccinated seems rampant in Melbourne as well.

    TPTB operate under the delusion that they will experience no adverse effects for their criminality and cavalier attitude toward human life.

    I’m deeply grateful for the boldness with which everyone in this video tackles truth-telling in this age of staggering deceit practiced by people whose first allegiance should be to honesty and humble service in their respective domains.

    Stunning apathy, brazen cruelty, and immeasurable lust for money and power are consuming the souls of those who seek humanity’s harm.

    • In Israel it appears that the unvaccinated are being treated with the same extreme hostility as was meted out to the Jews in Hitler’s Germany.

      same EXTREME hostility

      It APPEARS that someone at VTB doesn’t know the internat’l definition of antisemitism.

      Look it up.

      And if you don’t get it then, you never will. Stay in your supersessionist cocoon till you discover what Nazi Niemoller did. When it was too late.

    • Noam Chomsky: Unvaccinated should ‘remove themselves from the community,’ access to food ‘their problem’

      Philosopher Noam Chomsky argued that those who remain unvaccinated should be segregated, saying that obtaining food after they had “the decency to remove themselves from the community” was “their problem.”

      After the left-wing linguist was asked what separation of the unvaccinated would look like on a practical level, Chomsky said the unvaccinated should remove themselves from the community for the safety of others and make arrangements to get food without coming into contact with others.

      “How can we get food to them?” Chomsky told YouTube’s Primo Radical on Sunday. “Well, that’s actually their problem.”

      Chomsky, 92, compared people who do not want to get vaccinated to those who do not want to stop at red lights in traffic,saying that if people treasure their liberty so much, they should “find a way to protect it and secure it for [themselves].”

      The linguist’s remarks were met with mixed reactions on Twitter, with some supporting his calls for the unvaccinated to be isolated.

      Others accused him of being a socialist and slammed him as an “overrated babbling authoritarian mess.”

      Chomsky’s remarks on segregating the unvaccinated come after a growing number of businesses are requiring their workers to get vaccinated. About 1,900 state workers in Washington reportedly either resigned or were fired by Oct. 19, and Northwell Health in New York fired 1,400 employees on Oct. 4 for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine.

      While the left-wing philosopher has made headlines in the past for controversial remarks, such as calling for reparations for black people, he also signed an anti-cancel culture letter in July 2020 warning of an “intolerant climate” on “all sides.”


      with the vaccines
      13:00 they say we don’t want them
      13:02 something which i doubt very much
      13:05 then it’ll be their problem no it’s not
      13:09 no it’s not our problem
      13:11 so i guess uh just one final question on
      13:14 this um when you talk about folks having
      13:16 the freedom to you know separate if they
      13:19 don’t want to abide by these vaccine
      13:22 mandates what would that look like on a
      13:24 practical level does that mean that
      13:26 folks uh need to to stay home and have
      13:29 like groceries delivered to them does it
      13:31 mean like separated communities of folks
      13:33 who are unvaccinated or just you know
      13:35 how do you think this would practically
      13:37 play out

      13:57 such people
      13:58 have to be
      14:00 they should have the decency to remove
      14:03 themselves from the community
      14:06 if they refuse to do that
      14:08 then measures have to be taken to
      14:10 safeguard the community from them
      14:13 then comes the practical question that
      14:16 you ask
      14:17 how can we get food to them
      14:19 well that’s actually their problem
      14:22 uh
      14:22 of course if they really become
      14:24 destitute then yes you’d have to move in
      14:27 with some measure to secure their
      14:30 survival
      14:32 just as you do with people in jail for
      14:34 example

  2. That these people all speak in English–not their native tongues–so eloquently is very impressive.

    Jews demonizing Jews is especially unsettling. It is as if they are projecting the theatre of their own macabre history.

    • Judaic lupus. Baked into the DNA.
      The most virulent antisemites throughout history emerged from a Jewish womb.

      Philo’s nephew led Titus through the critical passages of the Second Temple that enabled the Roman victory at long last.

      • Saul => Paul.
      • Even grandchildren of Jews, baptized Christians, like Torquemada and Marx.
      • Atheists born of atheists, like Soros.

      It’s a central message throughout Hebrew Scripture. Acknowledge it, call it out, fight it.

  3. I grew up in a time when it was important to secure a “defensible democracy” by equipping young people with “critical judgment against any kind of political high-handedness.” Obviously, this very concept is now a discontinued model, and its advocates are now considered “threatening enemies of the state.”

    The crucial question that has long been posed to every convinced democrat is: What kind of “state” is this actually, which no longer serves its citizens primarily, but exclusively destructive interests, and in which the citizens have to eke out an existence only as will-less lemmings and “consumers”?

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