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4 Replies to “Creator of Chinese social credit system says France should use it to crush all dissent”

  1. If there is anything that I would fight to the death over it is the Chinese “Social credit system.

    You write a comment on the internet and the next thing you know you can’t access your bank machine or go on a bus. Hell! They could shut off your phone or even your heat. You wouldn’t stand a chance against that and would have no choice but to drop to your knees and admit complete surrender to the Government. What a bloody nightmare. And this little bulge-headed prick thinks it sounds like a good idea without giving one thought as to why people in France were wearing yellow vests. You know… I can’t imagine anybody from the West agreeing with that position.

    If the Chinese succeed in doing what they so seriously want to do life won’t be worth living on planet Earth anymore. We’ll all be nothing but government robots as the rulers sip champagne and do whatever they please. The Communist Chinese really do think that Orwell’s 1984 is a roadmap instead of being a warning…

  2. Welcome to your panopticon nightmare. (giggle, giggle) Now that the corrupt teachers have normalised the muzzles via medical masks on the students and the parents have accepted, they can now introduce the A.I. head bands that follow school children’s behavior, their attention span, and update their SOCIAL CREDIT score in real time. (giggle, giggle)

    Already happening in the giggly guy’s country:

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