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One Reply to “Interview with Front Line Nurses spokeswoman at September 1st protest Ottawa”

  1. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/white-house-taliban-businesslike-professional-dialogue-cooperative

    As for the Taliban being more “reasonable” and “moderate”, why shouldn’t they be? They just won every gold medal at the Olympic Games after winning the lottery ten times in a row. If they decide it would be better for themselves and for their image to let the Americans leave without creating a big hostage crisis that would inflame future Republican Presidents then they have nothing to lose by being “nice”. They have won, won, won, and they must be happy as little turbaned clams gazing at all the calm seas ahead of them as the Chinese court them and build roads and airports and the heroin sells for billions and the Chinese get their minerals and all the Taliban are rich as Ali Baba and The Forty Thieves… And say, can’t countries just legitimately purchase those million-dollar machines that print money and then just print up a few million worth of, oh… Swedish Krona? A true criminal rogue nation all to themselves. What fun!

    And who will ever know what happened to the Afghans who particularly pissed the Taliban off over the last twenty years and were put on the “Special List”? Women’s rights activists spring to mind…

    Nothing this good has ever happened to the Islamic Jihadists. They must be over the moon from Saudi to Indonesia to Iran to Timbuktu.

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