A doctor estimates time frames for VAEs: Links 2, September 9, 2021

1. North Korean military parade includes what looks like a chem-bio weapons unit

2. One doctor estimates the time frames for adverse mRNA effects

3. A letter that was sent to me.

4. Hungarian teacher promises better grades to vaccinated children

Parents have complained about the biology teacher at the Würtz Ádám Primary School and Elementary Art School in Tamasi, Hungary, because he wanted to reward students who had been vaccinated against the Coronavirus and punish those who had not received the jab.

“The start of school-year is approaching, and this time we are still preparing for it in the spirit of protection against the Coronavirus epidemic, because the virus is still here, and, unfortunately, a fourth wave cannot be ruled out.” With this introduction on the website of the primary school named after Ádám Würtz, the three-time Munkácsy Prize-winning graphic designer and renowned artist born in Tamasi, pupils aged 12 and over were urged to take the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine at their school.

The school’s biology teacher decided to reward pupils who had already received the Covid-19 vaccine and punish those who had not been vaccinated. The latter group had to take their seats at the back so as “not to cough on” their friends.

5. Country nearly split on unvaccinated receiving priority in hospitals

6. ‘Staff should also be doing it’: Workers at non-essential businesses not included in Ontario’s vaccine passport plan

(This is curious innit?)


Customers at some non-essential businesses in Ontario will need to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination later this month, but staff aren’t included in the mandate.

Provincial officials announced details of the vaccine passport on Wednesday. It will come into effect on Sept. 22.

Health officials said it’s up to business owners themselves to decide whether or not to ask staff to provide proof of vaccination before coming to work.

“It’s up to the businesses. I mean, it’s probably a good idea if you’re making the customers do it, the staff should also be doing it too,” said Kelly Adlys, manager of Heuther Hotel in Waterloo. “It’s good for the business, right? You don’t want anyone to be sick or to go home.”

“I’m personally fully vaccinated, and I have no problem saying (that), but I also do think that people have a choice,” said server Christina Eleftheriou.

Thank you KAF, M., Richard, Johnny U., Valerie Price, Marianne W., EB., PC and MANY more who made the effort to even think about these issues with the seriousness it deserves.

On a personal note, the concept of abandoning triage for politics is most definitely communism in the raw. We will flesh that out later tonight. But for the moment, try to imagine if various services were denied or attenuated to you based on any of your life’s choices, good or bad. Alcohol and drug use, sexual habits and so on. If they decide to withhold medical treatment to the unvaccinated, which is not science yet as its still not determined if the vaccines cause more damage than the disease does, then no AIDS treatment for gay men. No liver help for drunks or anyone who drinks recreationally at all. No health care for ex or current smokers. Recreational sports people? SOL guys and gals! The list is long and includes everyone. The fat, the active, the sedentary. So before you go condemning those who believe that it is in the interests of their health not to take an experimental new gene therapy, you better do some navel gazing.


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6 Replies to “A doctor estimates time frames for VAEs: Links 2, September 9, 2021”

  1. People should research on (use DuckDuckGo): Event 201 / UN Agenda 21 (Agenda 2030) / WEF The Great Reset / UN Roadmap For Digital Cooperation / ID2020

    Then all of these authoritarian measures implemented globally up till now will make sense.

    • Thank you Solar Wind for pointing out Agenda 21/30, and welcome! Many people at VTB are now familiar with this terrible plan thanks to people like you!

      • Thank you Johnnyu! Just trying to do my part to spread the word. The more people are informed the better. I am glad one of my colleague referred me to this great site VTB. I don’t feel alone as much anymore LOL.

        Take care!

  2. 3. Ottawa’s homeless shelters:

    “We vaccinated our way out of the outbreaks,” Muckle said. “We wouldn’t have gotten out of it with just the isolation measures we had.”

    A banked, (zero hours) Registered Nurse.

    They will not hire unvaccinated.
    They excluded offering hazmat suits.

    A lawer will figure this out.

  3. Question for the advocates of clot shots, a likely recipient of the photogenic saline solution needleful, and those who presume to control our lives because they know better than the people:

    If you are involved in an accident and need a blood transfusion, as a powerful person of political influence will you demand a transfusion of unvaccinated pure blood, or will the new improved ‘regular’ blood do for you?

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