Zambian VP makes suicide speech: Links 2, July 17, 2021

1. Wow this is what a rational libertarian Christian sounds like. I wonder what his life insurance rates are…

This appears to be from January 2021. I cannot seem to find out how he is doing now.

2. Double jabbed, UK health secretary, Javid, tested + for Covid, and has symptoms.

3. Why the 2A in USA? South Africans have the answer:

4. Tucker segment from July 16, 2021, Masks are an obscene symbol of submission with no benefit medically, vaccines are in declining effectiveness and are a third rail, Mask mandates return to LA.

Below, the entire show. Segment linked above starts at 18 minutes. The whole show is worth seeing though.

5. What to do and what you need to know if the vaxx-squad come to your door (USA)

I suppose in Canada you can try the same things and explain you identify as an American.

Thank you Richard, M., Pauline, ET., Johnny U., Arnie, Hellequin GB., X., Sassy, PC and MANY more who maintain the ability to think critically instead of just critical think.

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