Inventor of mRNA vaccine tech gives science based, 50 minute interview on the safety of these gene therapy shots

This is a thorough, science and statistics based analysis of the rick benefit of the various mRNA shots being administered by the inventor of the technology itself, Dr. Peter Malone.

It is really interesting right out of the gate. Using actuarial data to determine safety and risk benefit for each cohort, (demographic group such as age) is an obviously good idea in terms of knowing how it might affect a person of that cohort.

As one might expect, anything he has published, peer reviewed and scrutinized, that does not match the narrative position, is being censored and he is losing his access to social media. This is a separate issue in some ways, but in others, it is not. We are not allowed to know the facts and science behind these injections. We only know we have to have them injected in us.

Below is a 12 minute excerpt. The entire interview is linked above.


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4 Replies to “Inventor of mRNA vaccine tech gives science based, 50 minute interview on the safety of these gene therapy shots”

  1. this is what trying to please both sides looks like. at the end he unravels the good he did present.

  2. “The car.diac events in the adolescent population were actually first identified by an Ora.cle biostatistician”

    — Ora.cle is one of the companies behind the “global passport”. So this story is very fishy, folks…

  3. Having listened to many interviews (doctors, scientists), it is becoming more clear that effective treatments have been available for more than a year. (Dr Barnes is promoting treatments (e.g., Ivermectin)/ the repurposing of drugs.) Also apparent to me … PCR tests have been misused, practicing physicians (including Dr Barnes) have been censored to varying degrees, people have needlessly died (listen to Dr Peter McCullough), and these experimental jabs are having large numbers of adverse effects in persons, including many deaths. Still, agencies/governments/companies are pressuring, coercing (even threatening) folks to become part of the experiment. – This ought to seriously trouble everyone.

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