Best of Checkerheads, Liberal cabinet member elects not to run again cause, Trudeau? Links 2, July 8, 2021

1. Sky News Oz: Compilation video, Best of the Checkerheads

2. CBC video accuses the Bio-Lab for the Chinese Spies Trudeau probably put there to get the virus samples for the Wuhan Lab. Remember, when CBC says anything true, its to hide a bigger lie.

3. California ‘Epsilon’ strain of COVID-19 could evade vaccines, study says

(California has always been where the Epsilons are. No need for alarm all of a sudden.)

A new study has found that COVID-19 vaccines may be somewhat vulnerable to the California “Epsilon” strain of virus.

The variant has three spike protein mutations it uses to weaken current vaccines by up to 70 percent, according to researchers from University of Washington and the San Fransisco-based lab Vir Biotechnology.

The strain’s mutations break down neutralized antibodies, which are produced by vaccines such as Pfizer and Moderna and protect against infection, according to the study, published in the journal Science on July 1.

The spike mutations may also be able to side-step the naturally produced antibodies a person forms after being infected with the coronavirus, according to the report.

The effectiveness of current shots could be reduced by 50 to 70 percent against the strain, which was first found in May 2020, according to the study.

(If you have immunity to any of the Corona viruses from SARS 1 to now, you are immune to all of them)

4. Liberal Author, Censored by Twitter and Youtube After Questioning Fauci, Considers Suing

Women’s health and civil liberties author and journalist Naomi Wolf has had her Twitter account suspended and Youtube channel frozen after she raised questions regarding the COVID-19 vaccine side effects, the constitutionality of lockdowns, and the candor of Anthony Fauci, head of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).

She now considers legal action, she told The Epoch Times.

“It’s premature to give details but I am in discussion with a legal team about a lawsuit against Twitter,” she said via email. “I’ve also been approached by another legal team about joining a class action lawsuit against several social media platforms.”

She hasn’t been given any explanation as to what piece of content that she posted on the social media platforms triggered the suspension, despite her multiple attempts to reach out to both Twitter and Youtube, she said. In fact, she received no explanation whatsoever from either platform. Instead, Twitter told the media that she was spreading vaccine misinformation. She considers that both false and defamatory.

Google, which owns Youtube, and Twitter didn’t respond to requests for comment.

5. One of the extremely few Liberal party members with integrity, skill and a force for good has elected not to run again because of the slide she has seen in Parliament in the last 6 years.

Thank you M., ML., Richard, Yucki, Johnny U., Mad W., Maplewood and MANY more.

Today’s pop quiz: How many layers of lies can you find in this US politician’s explanation of why the government should know who is and is not injected with the goo


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  1. I got a call yesterday that seemed like an innocent-enough survey about my experience with the vaccine. Generic questions about where, when, what flavor.

    Side effects? I mentioned lightheadedness post vaxx #2, but that passed and subsequent medical visit was normal.

    She asked WHICH doctor I had seen. I told her that was PRIVATE. Putting on little girl’s whine (through a heavy Indian accent), why is that SO personal?

    I said nothing, she asked again. (Higher-pitched whine.)
    Then I told her I was going to hang up. And she said, “Oh, I see it here, it’s Dr. X!”

    ……….She had my doctor’s name……….
    Dr. X and staff are on high alert:
    NO info to anybody witthout WRITTEN RELEASE !!

    Y I K E S

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