NZ and Ontario continue to use Covid to increase totalitarian control: Links 1, July 8, 2021

1. I would cough if I had to say this on camera also. New Zealand. The hunt for the unvaxxed.

2. Reuters Fact Check, like the FACEBOOK one, is connected to Pfizer

3. Ontario officials want kids to be masked in the fall for whatever other kind of virus they can make up.

4. Ladies and Gentlemen, the usurper of the United State of America

5. The story about the mRNA injections being mostly a toxic substance called, Graphene Oxide is gaining momentum. We have no idea if its true, and what we have seen so far does not constitute proof, or even evidence. Mostly its just claims, but detailed ones. This does not make it not true, but all claims, extraordinary or seemingly obvious, should be held to the same standard of evidence, because all claims are extraordinary to someone. Also specifically *I* fear, that planted claims about the vaccines which are not true, can be intended to take the real claims which are bad enough to discourage anyone from taking these magnetic goo shots, and rubbish them as part of a set of claims which are not true. We did a post on that just two days ago. Below, is a claim that more people have discovered the same substance in the vials. This site would really appreciate an analysis of the claims in this video by anyone versed in the scientific method to determine if the claim makes the leap from hypothesis to theory.

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Thank you Michelle, M., KAF., Hellequin GB., Johnny U. and many many more who are on top of the developments of the transformation of a reason based society into the Kafkaesque chaos it is becoming.


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  1. The last item, the ‘graphene’ story: I agree with you re planting sordid theories to discredit the valid arguments. However, the truth remains that most people want to know what components are in these liquid jabs.

    • really good point. the media jumped on it like a cat chasing a fat mouse and called the claims “wacko” and the info has spread without much resistance through all of the indie video news broadcasters. I would not be surprised if this was gaslighting over disinfo. Its a new twist on a honey trap. However, it would not take much effort for several independent labs to verify this research…that would be the only way to make a claim of this magnitude have any validity…prove via the scientific method–real science.

  2. 4. Ladies and Gentlemen, the usurper of the United State of America

    My Mom died of Alzheimer’s disease and I pretty much know the symptoms, although they do vary greatly from patient to patient, and I do not from my experience think that Joe Biden has the disease. Or at least, if he has multi-infarcts or something, it’s very early and mild.

    Alzheimer’s is very strong and you can’t remember what day it is or the date or even what town your in for the life of you but you can remember the name of the cat you had when you were ten. Also, my Mom would tell me something in great detail and with great interest and then five minutes later she would tell me the exact same thing in the exact same detail. It got really agonizing after the 300th time, believe me… There would be no way to hide that kind of impairment from the media and others no matter how pro-Democrat they happen to be. He’d get up and make a speech that he just gave ten minutes ago. It would really really show…

    I would say that Joe is simply getting old and he doesn’t happen to be one of the ones who’s “sharp as a tack” in his old age. He’s toast, that’s all. Ready for gardening and ginger-ale and naps and playing with the Grandchildren. In short, I think Joe is healthy enough but is nothing more than a bumbly doddering old person – as we all will be – who should be stepping aside and letting the young ones take over. He just does not have the spark of awareness and quickness of mind that are essential to being a leader. The very last person you want being slow on the uptake is the boss. Add to that the fact that the Chinese probably have enough evidence on the Bidens to put the whole family in Fort Leavenworth… How deliriously happy they must be…

    Compared to Joe Donald Trump is the quick brown fox…

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