The Reefer madness dialectic negation and Vaxx damage denial

Along with massive amounts of personal testimony, VAERS system reports and an increasing number of experts coming out against the vaccines, even to the point where some have been cancelled altogether, a lot of materials are being produced which suggest the mRNA and various covid shots are poison, or otherwise malicious and deadly in entirely other ways. The video below is an excellent example, and dovetails with a lot of other posts and videos suggesting same:

I am not a scientist, nor doctor, nor vaccinologist. So feel free to ignore this. I am writing from the perspective of the tactics of information warfare.

All of the deaths and illness that has crossed this desk from the injections appear to be logical consequences of the mRNA action in the body, targeting Ace 2 receptors and causing blood clots. This accounts for strokes, heart damage and reproductive issues. Also all the actual experts are saying that the damage is being done because the injections work as advertised.

This makes a lot of sense. And the experts who are speaking out are experienced doctors, scientists, related professionals including but not limited to, the VP of Pfizer for research and allergies. Some of whom I have spoken with myself and all of whom have actual evidence, and not just blending science terms with medical terms and a few meaningless photos.

So what is going on then?

Some of you may remember the 1936 film, Reefer Madness. I saw it in a local repertory house at midnight shows in the 70s. Usually as part of a double bill with other counter-culture films like Zappa’s 200 motels etc. or Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein. The movie depicted a few college students smoking a little marijuana and then going on raping, murdering, madness sprees that were ludicrous and impossible to be true as no one would ever smoke dope after seeing someone like that. Think Bath Salts X 10.

But even then as a teen, I couldn’t help but think to oneself, as everyone laughed at the film while smoking dope, that just because these symptoms and reactions to smoking dope are untrue, doesn’t therefore mean smoking dope is a safe activity, or that there are no ill effects at all. After all, recreational drugs are called, “mind altering”. And as there is no such thing as the mind, what they really mean is, “brain altering” and that just can’t be good in a random way.

In terms of the propaganda value of Reefer Madness, the film did a lot to encourage smoking dope because the negative effects portrayed in the movie where ludicrously untrue. Therefore, anyone who warned against smoking dope could be laughed at as being a proponent of the Reefer Madness theory. (As it happens, smoking THC in the long run can cause psychosis in users. But that doesn’t make for an exciting movie.)

So one can’t help but be suspicious when a new theory on Covid injections, which seems on the surface to be ludicrously untrue, (based if nothing else, on the number of dead, since if it was as they say, then its the worst poison since Diet Coke), is actually an attempt to deflect attention from what is true, and bad, about the Covid19 shots. The ‘reasonable person’ is likely to watch a video like the one above, and then dismiss the brilliant and courageous genuine medical and scientific personnel who have come forward like Peter McCullough, Roger Hodkinson, Stephanie Seneff and many many more who risked their careers to offer us a counterpoint on these injections in opposition to unprecedented government coercion.

Telling people they can have an ice cream or a lottery ticket if they take one of the shots still in circulation (pun half intended) is not science. And neither is making a claim about an exotic material, a few meaningless photos and a hypothesis with not enough evidence or testing to even make it to a theory.



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  1. “And as there is no such thing as the mind, what they really mean is, “brain altering” and that just can’t be good in a random way.”

    Why can’t brain altering be positive? Alcohol does it, in moderation helps people cut loose or to sleep more soundly, and seems to be good for the circulatory system to boot.

    Pot can cause a psychotic break in people predisposed — as can any stressful event. It can also cause relaxation (like hops in beer, of which it is a cousin), encourage appetite and act as a powerful antiemetic in ill people, alleviate convulsions, bring introverts out, and make people giggle and hit the cookie jar. Some use it for insight or for help with sleeplessness. It even works for glaucoma.

    There is no indication that ingesting pot is any worse than ingesting beer. Probably safer, dep. on dose, since too much pot leads to passivity, while too much beer leads sometimes to antisocial acting out.

    I agree about being cautious regarding weird claims about vaccine content.

    Given this is a “vaccine” , why does it contain 99.4% other “stuff” and what is it’s purpose?

    I will withhold judgment until more tests are performed to more accurately identify the contents.

    Media Scrambles to Explain Away Concerns About Disturbing Israel ‘Vaccine’ Efficacy Numbers

    A report was released by Ynet today indicating 55% of new Covid-19 cases are among “vaccinated” Israelis. Considering that 55% of the population has been fully “vaccinated,” one could easily draw the conclusion that these “vaccines” aren’t really doing what governments, media, and doctors claimed they would do. …”

    • Remember this? – “Pfizer says its COVID vaccine doesn’t need to be stored at ultra-freezing temps anymore” – They found another way to keep its components stable. Pfizer uses the word ‘spoiling’ but it’s all about ‘stability’.

      The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine no longer needs to be kept at ultra-freezing temperatures and can be safely stored inside normal medical freezers — making distribution easier, the firm said in a report Friday.

      The makers of the shots, including the German biotechnology firm BioNTech, have discovered the doses can remain at between 5 and -13 degrees Fahrenheit without spoiling — instead of -94 degrees like previously thought, according to the Financial Times.

  3. The experimental jab is just that: A wild card… a massive, irresponsible trial . Not sure it really matters what is in it; many are suffering and dying because of this insanity.
    Have you watched the discussion with Dr Barnes (inventor of mRNA), Bret Weinstein, and Dr Steve Kirsch? Not sure if I saw a link here, but I watched it all at Odysee. Now, Dr Barnes is fighting censorship (so I hear).
    As for marijuana, never did understand how inhaling cigarette smoke is “evil bad”, but pot smoke is not?

    • Inhaling tobacco is not really “evil bad” — it apparently helps prevent ulcers from stress — but it has amply proven health detriments. And it stinks. There is no epidemic of lung cancer among pot smokers… and the potential benefits are numerous.

      A dear friend of mine had recurrent ovarian cancer, was put through 8 different chemos and none worked…. about 2/3 through this ordeal, the drugs available for nausea quit working. She traveled with a barf bucket. A cousin got her some pot. It worked like a charm, and made that horrible time more bearable. Her own oncologist suggested she get it from the street!

  4. – A summary of her info. They kinda lost me at the 5th paragraph, but then again… The Reefer… –

    Building on last week’s findings, two Spanish researchers believe that the “secret nanoparticles” found in covid vaccines are nanotubes of graphene oxide.

    The Andalusian biostatistician Ricardo Delgado who hosts an online program called La Quinta Columna. (the fifth row) and his partner Dr. Jose Luis Sevillano (a family doctor) analyzed the undeniable magnetic phenomenon present in most vaccinated people.

    They found that graphene oxide nano particles are actually compatible with neurons and other brain cells. Nanotubes of grapheneoxide search the synapses and attach to them.

    Graphene nanoparticles were excitable through frequencies-generating behavioral changes in the subjects. To be more exact: graphene nanoparticles find resonance in the frequency of 41,6 GHz microwaves of the 5G technology.

    Subjects inoculated with graphene oxide nanoparticles can be manipulated mentally by tuning into different frequencies inside the 5G ranges. They can feel, think and see feelings, thoughts or things that don’t actually exist. They could develop fake memories or delete real existing memories.

    Even without a fully-enabled 5G net, people have reported they feel strange after taking the jab. Other studies say graphene nanoparticles are responsible for covid associated symptoms and blood clots.

  5. “Researchers at Georgia State University and Emory University have developed an intranasal influenza vaccine using recombinant hemagglutinin (HA), a protein found on the surface of influenza viruses, as the antigen component of the vaccine.

    They also created a two-dimensional nanomaterial (polyethyleneimine-functionalized graphene oxide nanoparticles) and found that it displayed potent adjuvant (immunoenhancing) effects on influenza vaccines delivered intranasally.

    “In our study, we reported for the first time that two-dimensional graphene oxide nanomaterials had a potent adjuvant effect in boosting the immune responses of intranasal hemagglutinin (HA) vaccines,” said Dr. Chunhong Dong, lead author of the study and a postdoctoral research Fellow in Dr. Baozhong Wang’s lab in the Institute for Biomedical Sciences.”

  6. “Graphene is a novel material that has extraordinary properties, which can be used not only for the preparation of other new compounds based on it, but the possibilities are endless in various fields. The importance of this discovery was so great that the scientists who discovered it received the Nobel Prize in physics in 2010. One of the most important uses of Graphene are found in the Medical field. It has emerged as an innovative material in this sector due to its capability to treat some serious diseases such as Cancer. This article is mainly focused on the applications of Graphene in the Medical sector.”

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