Lockdown extended, Brad Johnson, Covid Commie advisor, Facebook censor, ANTIFA terrorism: Links 2, July 6, 2021

1. NSW lockdown to be extended for a week. So far. As if anyone thought they were not lying about it out of the gate

2. We spoke with Brad Johnson on the curious nature and timing of the withdrawal from Afghanistan

3. UK Covid advisor has been a member of communist party for FORTY YEARS

4. Gateway Pundit covers Facebook group which is censored because its vaccine victims. The one victim group Facebook will not allow to speak their truths. (Although probably soon, women victims of Taliban in Afghanistan, probably by next week.)

A few images of posts from the group:

a) Limbs swelling, turning black and veins popping

b) Changes in extremities, periods

c) Man passing massive amounts of blood and clots on toilet frequently

(Subsequent to posting this and independent of it, I have become aware of another instance where FB is censoring CLOSED GROUPS for anti-left comments and contributions. I cannot even figure out HOW they know what comments to censor as they just cant have that much manpower)

Here is the link that was rejected by Facebook. I suggest reading it. It must be quite threatening to the censorious bastards who determine what is allowed to be known.

5. Tim Poole: People are being told to take down American flags or have their homes burned down. How, is this not terrorism? Start the video at 15 minutes to get this story.

PORTLAND, OR – For over 100 days, violent “protests” have raged in the city of Portland, with participants damaging property, committing arson, and viciously attacking police and civilians alike.

The protestors are not confining their activities to downtown Portland and government buildings, however, having also moved into local residential areas.

Such targeted areas are “mostly white,” according to the New York Times.

A recent march through Kenton, a residential neighborhood in the northern part of Portland, reportedlycame to an abrupt halt when the participants noticed a home that was flying the American flag.

Neighbor Terrance Moses witnessed the sudden turn of events and observed the protestors focusing on the home.

Thank you Ted L., M., Don L., Sassy, Kalloi, EB., Richard, PC., Radu, Pauline, and MANY more who are so diligently working on their own understanding and the mutual understanding for us all.

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6 Replies to “Lockdown extended, Brad Johnson, Covid Commie advisor, Facebook censor, ANTIFA terrorism: Links 2, July 6, 2021”

  1. If someone tries to set your home on fire I wonder if shooting them dead will be seen as “self defence”? However, if it is and knowing antifa, this will merely be the first of many such attacks. They have the bit firmly between their teeth and think that they can do no wrong. It will take a very strong leader to disillusion them and it will required much bloodshed.

  2. ITEM 2, from Al Arabiya today: BIDEN did NOT listen to his generals. The country is in total panic.

    His successor, Joe Biden, rejected advise from his generals to hold on longer so that the government could make a political deal with the Taliban. American troops pulled out of the main base at Bagram airfield north of Kabul on Friday, days after their commander warned that Afghanistan might descend into full-blown civil war without them.

    The prospect of a Taliban victory is alarming for millions of urban Afghans, particularly women and girls who were banned from school or most work under their rule. The Taliban say they have changed, but many remain skeptical.

    As foreign forces withdraw, Taliban fighters have been swiftly gaining ground across towns in the north and western provinces, forcing soldiers to surrender and civilians to flee.

    Shams said other districts of Badghis outside the capital were in the hands of the Taliban as security forces evacuated.

    Afghan defense minister Bismillah Mohammadi said in a statement the war was entering a “difficult” stage and security forces were “defending Afghanistan and our compatriots with all their might and resources under all circumstances”.



  3. – They identify blood markers for C-19 jab. More jabs on the way. –

    (Anecdote from today: I was at the supermarket. At the checkout counter, the rolling carpet wasn’t working so the cashier had to push all items forward with her bare hands. The guy in front of me, after paying his bill, wasn’t sure if he should touch the items he bought. Then, he said “well, maybe it’s O.K., I did disinfect my hands really well when I entered the store”.)

    The research’s findings are the first of their kind to be discovered by vaccine developers.

    Identifying these blood markers would improve the efficacy of existing vaccines and speed up the development of new jabs by reducing the need for conducting more large-scale clinical trials, according to the scientists.

    Vaccinologist at University College London David Goldblatt told Nature that having “an antibody measure that is a reliable guide to protection” would be ideal as “it could speed up the licensure of new vaccines.”

    “We don’t want to develop something just for one vaccine or one kind of vaccine,” Goldblatt cautioned.


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