Crimebodge: The UK police and its obsession with transphilia

Absolutely one of our favorite Youtubers. This is the British lawyer who explained how the police actions under Covid regs are Ultra-Vires, and did an excellent video on the jailing of a medical student in the UK for making Islam look bad right after some Muslims killed a lot of people on London Bridge. Which somehow cannot be allowed to make Islam look bad.

In this one he sinks most of the balls on the first shot. But the 8 ball stays on the table. That is because when he talks about the language used to destroy and or negate popular films, he doesn’t explain the pure Marxist nature of that linguistic attack. He says it sounds like meaningless static. Of course to most it will. But it isn’t and the proof is that precise language actually does achieve the specific effect it seeks to accomplish while static would not. Yes, to the people raised in a culture of reason and logic and a rational taxonomy, it sounds insane. And as its derived from Hegel, it probably is meant to. But the key to understanding defending from it, is understanding the tactic and strategy that is used to formulate this particular brand of insanity.

After all, the whole trans-scam is really just another vector of leftist attack on our civilization. The left cares as much about “LGBTQ” as it does about blacks or Jews. Which is exactly as much as the US military cares about surplus weapons they leave behind on foreign battlefields by the boatload because they can’t be arsed to ship them all home. And for the exact same reasons.

Crimebodge may well know all this and chose to focus on the main issue instead and that’s fine. This remains a truly excellent, interesting, informative and even entertaining video.

Thank you Pym Purnell.


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