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25 Replies to “July 4th”

  1. Happy Independence Day
    From Submision in any Way.
    The path that walk
    Is the same that you talk
    Without harm to defend what you say.

    • Happy Independence Day
      From Submision in any Way.
      The path that you walk
      Is the same that you talk
      Without harm to defend what you say.

    • Just WOW. I watched it yesterday on Rumble RSBN. They broke the official record, with almost .5 million watching on Rumble.

  2. President Donald Trump Save America Rally closing and fireworks clip Sarasota Florida July 3 2021
    Ray Allen 1776 – July 4, 2021

    • Addendum

      “We will charge China for…
      Releasing the change-of-gain virus
      Whose research we paid for
      And allowed the CCP to weaponize it;
      For sending hundreds of thousands
      Of labor-jobs off to China while
      Admitting hundreds of thousands
      Of unskilled immigrants;
      For permitting our teachers
      And Social Workers,
      These intellectual book-read of low IQ
      To indoctrinate our youth into the
      Religion of Socialism;
      For this we blamed China:
      The manipulator of the world’s
      Currency Exchange, for doing what we knew they were doing,
      And always will be doing;
      The same as islam, whose one-world goal is just as clear.
      And for the Sexual Revolution
      That has led to our youth cutting themselves deeper and deeper to hide from their loss of love;
      That we ignored everything going on around us, to make ourselves comfortable;
      For this… we repent.
      This is the Judeo-Christian way of righteousness and of forgiveness.
      If not, to deny what is before us, to invite those who hate us, we will go down with the deepest cuts and proudest hearts,
      “To love death more than we love life.”
      The Africans under colonial rule: ‘You had the religion and we had the land, now we have your religion and you have our land,’
      It is their hypnosis to Institutionalized Terror
      And the keys into the Heaven of Virtue.that each were told they held.
      To receive a blessing and avoid a cursing.
      Every submitting soul, trained to believe in Hate Crimes.
      The Land of The Brave downtrodden into the land of the slave.
      Ruled by a royalty of mafia who self-proclaim they are
      Worshipful, Noble, and Proud.
      The truth will set us all free, and the right to defend it keep us free.
      Know what a real family is, and you know what a real country is.
      Do not be silent.
      Make America Great Again.”

      • – IMHO, Montenegro’s President and all those who signed the agreement deserve to be hanged –

        * China could SEIZE land from tiny Montenegro for failing to repay $1 billion ‘Belt and Road’ loan for 270-mile road to nowhere – of which only a handful of miles was ever built *

        China Road and Bridge Corporation, the state-owned company which is building the bridge with imported Chinese workers, has not yet finished constructing the first section of the 270-mile highway to the Serbian capital Belgrade

        The first instalment on a $1 billion loan from China’s state bank is due this month but it’s unclear whether Montenegro, whose debt has soared to more than double its GDP because of the project, will be able to pay it back

        A copy of the loan contract reviewed by NPR shows that if Montenegro misses the deadline, Beijing has the right to seize land inside the country – as long as it doesn’t belong to the military or is used for diplomatic purposes


  3. global news Calls to remove ‘settler’ statues in Victoria after protestors destroy James Cook statue



    ctv news – Victoria statue of Captain Cook pulled down, thrown into harbour



    twitter @_SaveOurStatues

    This is Captain Cook in Victoria, British Columbia, torn down and thrown into the sea. See how this is not about Residential Schools. It’s anything British. It’s Canada itself.

    + video


  4. zero hedge – Why COVID Is Like AIDS

    […]But the political story of AIDS is much trickier. Scientists realized quickly that gay men and intravenous drug users were at far higher risk of contracting HIV than the general public.

    But they feared people might not support funding for AIDS research – and stigmatize those groups further – if they explained that reality openly.

    So they didn’t.


    The public health establishment has decided that an honest discussion of who is really at risk from Covid might smack of victim-blaming – just as it did a generation ago with HIV.

    This time, though, we haven’t just frightened a bunch of people at essentially no risk. Our viral lockdown theater has been far more destructive[…]

    It’s long past time to tell the truth.

    MORE :


  5. Increasing Percentage of Americans Believe Public Health Officials Are Lying About COVID-19 Injections

    It’s one thing to believe they’re lying but still consider the shots to be safe enough. That would be understandable.

    But for so few to believe there are lies being told is concerning.

    […]One does not have to be an anti-vaxxer or conspiracy theorist to realize government and their proxies are lying to push an agenda.

    […]According to Sharyl Attkisson:

    The disinformation, misinformation, and one-sided guidance put out by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other public health officials continues to shake public confidence in the advice they receive.

    As the public has seen CDC act more as a marketer for the vaccine industry than a neutral provider of health information, many have grown wary of the dictates and recommendations that come from the agency.


    MORE :



    Even Newsweek is Reporting on a 13-yo Dying in His Sleep Following Covid ‘Vaccine’


  6. Animals get COVID-19 vaccine at Oakland Zoo

    A San Francisco Bay Area zoo is inoculating its big cats, bears and ferrets against the coronavirus as part of a national effort to protect animal species using an experimental vaccine

    + comments on the YT page

  7. Disturbing to me when I read the gossip column in a little rag newspaper, the high school teacher who writes the column reminds people the vaccines are available for the children.

    The teacher does not realize the chances of a child dying from Covid are 99.997. Has this teacher ever heard of Ivermectin or HCQ? Why would a high school teacher be peddling the vaccines. Nobody within 100 miles has had Covid. It is time for the government of Ontario to pick a new leader and train it’s teachers in reality.

  8. yahoo –‘We have to get to at least 80% vaccine rate,’ physician says to prevent the spread of coronavirus

    • Delta Variant Could Push U S Covid Immunity To 85% Says Former FDA Head

      […]Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert and head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has said that could happen at about 70% to 85% immunity, but others in the medical community have warned the highly transmissible delta variant could push the required immunity threshold higher.

  9. Forbes – Maxine Waters: We Must Combat COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy

    Maxine Waters discussed methods to overcome COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy and save American lives.

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