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4 Replies to “Ottawa Demo, July 1: Just for when the CBC tells us that the anti-lockdown, anti communist demo was a few dozen people…”

  1. Good for them
    Basically telling the moron to fuck himself
    Hopefully they vote this way to get rid of the commies

    • There aren’t any alternative parties in Canada except for two politicians, one is an independent Derek Sloane and the other is the guy Canada needs, Maxime Bernier. Both guys aren’t covered by any MSM. Aside from that, all other parties are Commie-oriented.

      When the Canadian MSM, and almost all of them, are Commie-oriented, it is that much easier to fool the people.

      I raise my hat to those who showed up and as Vlad’s credo states “Samizdat” is very efficient and necessary in these tumultuous times.

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