Tucker Carlson for June 28, 2021

In last night’s Tucker, he explains how Marxists are using language and taxonomy to negate any decent part of the US with the usual tortured reasoning of “racism” to force change for the worse. Communism’s central dogma.

Thank you MarcusZ1967

Given the NSA attack on this show, the importance of watching tucker is exponentially higher. We all should prepare for a series of out of context, illegally recorded calls and portions of emails designed to make us not like Tucker and his team.

Remember how one remark in a gym locker room by President Trump 10 years before he went into politics caused people who agreed with every one of his policies and actions if questioned without attaching those policies to Trump, hated Donald with spitting and hissing rage. This tactic works. They are about to do it to Tucker, and using the excessive and unconstitutional power of the State surveillance system.

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  1. Tucker is doing what he must to stay in business–scream hard and scream loud. Fox may be controlled opposition, but the fact the NSA is trying to get rid of him says he may be just a bit more “opposition” than suits them. They will find a way, probably, but I think he will find his way into politics, eventually, on the side of good.

    • If they are going after him they are going after the other FOX opinion people and probably the Conservative Podcasters.

      The fact that one person had the courage to contact Tucker to get the criminal action where the public can see what is happening is a real good sign.

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