McCleans. A look at enemy propaganda

Checking this article, notice the adjectives and terms used to describe people who do not believe the various ultra-vires or unconstitutional measures are necessary. Also compare the science of the people who are sceptical of the mRNA or DNA injections, vs. the adjectives and ad-hominems, subtle and blunt, of this McCleans article. Also, having been at several of the freedom rallies, most or all of what they say about them are entirely lies. There is video in fact of police shaking hands with, and otherwise being affable with protestors in recent rallies with Max Bernier and Randy Hillier, and people were not spitting at them and insulting them. But most people at this point are deeply suspicious of enemy propagandists like McClains and especially the CBC. I myself am contemptuous of them.

The vaccine resistance problem in Canada, and how to confront it

Maxime Bernier, the leader of the People’s Party of Canada, and Randy Hillier, the independent MLA for Lanark—Frontenac—Kingston, were both ticketed at an ugly anti-lockdown rally in Peterborough, Ont., on April 24. Bernier slipped away before the worst part, when Hillier and his unmasked supporters crowded around police officers, cursing and insulting them at close range, a feature of the protests Hillier has been organizing around southern Ontario, part of an ongoing, spittle-flecked battle for freedom against what his supporters see as tyrannical health restrictions.

Bernier and Hillier are both members of the End the Lockdowns Caucus, along with independent MP Derek Sloan, 20 municipal politicians, mostly from Western Canada, and three former MPs. There are a lot of “formers” in the movement—including Bernier, Hillier and Sloan—all of whom are failed leadership candidates for mainstream parties. Bernier is a former MP, having failed to hold his Quebec seat after leaving the Conservative Party of Canada. Sloan, who was ejected from the Tories, will likely be a former MP whenever the election is held, and Hillier, who was ejected from the Ontario Progressive Conservatives, is likely to lose his seat in the legislature.

But for the last few months, these marginal figures have been drawing crowds of hundreds, rallying for the freedom to violate provincial health rules that have shut businesses and imposed restrictions on worship.

The steam is likely to go out of the movement within months as infections go down and restrictions are lifted, but that depends on reaching herd immunity, which depends on an unknown percentage of Canadians getting vaccinated—somewhere between 75 and 90 per cent, according to virologists. If enough people don’t get jabs, COVID will never go away.

Funny how they use the world “failed” a lot as a pejorative. I wonder how McCleans wrote about Donald Trump?

For those who believe in checking the reality of reportage for themselves, they may want to go to Ottawa on Canada Day and meet with Randy themselves. Having been to quite a few, I can say with perfect recall (since I have the videos to prove it) that it was very nice people who knew the issues and had a generally festive feel to the event with no vitriol or antagonism to various security.

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  1. “…If enough people don’t get jabs, COVID will never go away….”

    Propaganda correction: if the 40-cycle PCR tests never go away, Covid will never go away.

    There. Fixed it fer ya.

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