How the US deep state allowed hundreds of thousands of Americans (and Canadians) to die to try and make Trump look bad

The first thing to understand, and that readers of this site will know already, is that early treatment of the Wuhan Flu with HCQ had trememendous power to mitigate and end the disease, and prevent hospitalizations and deaths. It was also known that if you waited too late to get HCQ it had less and less effectiveness. Once you were in the hospital, HCQ probably could not help you. But thanks to the single-handed efforts of this one anti-Trump civil-servant, he made sure that was the only way it was available to Covid patients. This seemed to spill over to Canada from what we could learn talking to doctors.

In the video clip below, we learn is who created the rule that it could only be used by those already hospitalized, and why they made that rule, despite the Trump admin ordering that HCQ be made available to all as quickly as possible.

First, please watch the video at this link. It is an interview with Dr. Zev Zelenko on these events from a recent perspective. It does not appear to be embeddable at other sites. So watch it here please.

Below, a segment of this hit piece on President Trump. We extracted the bit on HCQ. And it certainly looks different from today’s understanding on the efficacy of the medicine. Perhaps charges should be put on this snivelling bureaucrat who singlehandedly is responsible for more deaths than your average Slobodan Miloševi? for example, who spent his life in prison in The Hague waiting for a trial. Much like Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange is now for that matter.

The difference of course, is that this man admits to being guilty of denying an inexpensive life saving drug except under conditions where it was less useful. Slobodan and Julian, they don’t get a trial.

The entire propaganda piece can be seen here.

Thank you EB.

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6 Replies to “How the US deep state allowed hundreds of thousands of Americans (and Canadians) to die to try and make Trump look bad”

  1. I turned off the prog and a hit video when they described Dr Zelenko as right wing .. yeah Hasidic Jewiish doctor right wing indeed

    • a very mysterious presence that seemed to evolve in the context of this chloroquine story…
      YIKES !
      A spooky, rrrright-wing “PRESENCE”.
      Not really human, maybe a devil?!

  2. I did not realize how profoundly anti-Trump (anti-Trump administration) that video would be.
    The bias is so thick that the plot is drowning in red herrings throughout the first 30+ minutes I bothered to tolerate watching.

  3. Well I made it to the 10 minute mark watching this garbage. Then I did with it as I do with all garbage. You would have to tie me down and drug me to get me to watch more of it !! Do we the unbrainwashed really have a chance of stopping this insanity !!

  4. I think that smarmy doctor at the beginning reacted right off the get-go when he heard Donald Trump say good things about Hydroxychloroquine, both digging in his heels in opposition and swearing he would do everything in his power to keep Trump from looking good. Then the other liberals lined up behind his position and the anti-HCQ Jihad was born. Bastards!

    And this video creeps up on you until you realize that it’s as extremely biased and full of Trump Derangement Sydndrome as “The View”. And they keep insisting that there is no proof whatsoever that hydroxychloroquine has any effect whatsoever in treating the virus. Horrible to watch, really…

  5. Hydroxychloroquine and its friends
    IHU Méditerranée-Infection – June 25, 2021
    Dr. Harvey Risch, MD, PhD, Professor of Epidemiology Yale University.

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