The 11 year attempt by CSIS to warn Canada about China

Yesterday a multi-hour Parliamentary committee was webcast by C-SPAN on China in essense. How to view it, whether or not it was a threat. A familiar face appeared in the people invited to testify, Richard Fadden, former head of Canada’s spy agency, CSIS. He made the news in 2010 when he went public with the threat that China and various middle eastern governments are to Canada through subversion and infiltration, specifically in terms of controlling Canadian elected reps who it appears they actually groomed since college.

I managed to record a LOT of the session from yesterday and added a few key minutes of it to some of the older clips of Mr. Fadden warning Canada in Parliament in 2010.

I added the clip of Trudeau for obvious reasons.

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3 Replies to “The 11 year attempt by CSIS to warn Canada about China”

  1. Even if mid-level nations like Canada could unite against the threat, they’d be helpless without US buy-in. And we know the USA is deeply compromised: the MUG – media, university, govt – is captive to the Enemy.

    (*Enemies* ~ Remember, Political Islam and Communist China complement each other here. Both aim to subvert Western hegemony ~ BAMN. Not to go off on a tangent, I’d just suggest keeping agents of both influences in mind as they reinforce each other.)

    Tech oligarchs – proto-Politboro critters – are working directly with China. Think, for example, of the “Chan Zuckerberg” foundation. That’s as in your face as it gets.

    Or Google, funding Wuhan’s coronavirus research via the money-laundering vehicle, EcoHealth Alliance. A mechanism created by our National Institutes of Health to facilitate collaboration with the Peoples Republic of China.

    (There is no distinction between the PRC and its military, the PLA. To suggest otherwise is as duplicitous as differentiating between the “political wing” and the “military wing” of Hezbollah.)

    Sec. Pompeo said he has a list of KNOWN creatures of the PRC. Elected govt officials, from mayors to governors to members of Congress. Individuals cultivated for DECADES, motivated by personal ambition and not restrained by the values We-the-People presumably share. (Blackmail keeps strays in line.)

    Pompeo was CIA chief before he became Sec of State. Without a doubt, high-ranking intelligence officials across the agencies have had direct knowledge of the same intel for DECADES.

  2. Until recently, the U.S. was something of a tougher nut to crack vis-a-vis the advancement of the Cultural Marxist agenda, at least in certain respects. But worry not if you are them, because there’s always Canada or Mexico. The two nations which share some of the longest uninterrupted border in the world, as it happens, with the United States.

    Can’t infiltrate jihadist sleepers in the U.S. easily? No problem, slip them into Canada or Mexico instead, and thence into the U.S. later on. Trump closing down the Mexican border got you down? No worries, mate – Justin Trudeau has you covered! Canada has the welcome mat rolled out right-and-proper. If you want to go south later on, no big deal!
    And so on and so forth…. easy-peasy.

    And now, to put a cherry on that particular cake, we hear from Premier Trudeau that the PRC have been “invited” onto Canadian soil to take part in “joint defense exercises” or some such. Even for Trudeau, that’s pretty spectacular. Which begs the question: Do the Chinese own him somehow and thus have leverage on him, or did he do it voluntarily?

    Canada is a diamond in the rough. Yes, it is very cold, but the nation is sparsely-populated relative to its enormous land mass, and has large proven oil reserves, as well as abundant crop lands and prairies for grazing and agriculture. Anyone who thinks that the PRC aren’t eyeing our northern neighbor as a future possible colony of China – aren’t paying attention. Whether they do something about it is open to debate, but one can be sure that the communists in power there have thought about it, and more than once.

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