Taiwan: 60 post vaxx deaths in 6 days

(The Swine Flu vaxx was stopped after only 50 deaths and it was not even an experimental and untested technology)

Meanwhile, in Europe:


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8 Replies to “Taiwan: 60 post vaxx deaths in 6 days”

  1. I look for the evil people who invented this monstrous hoax to watch thousands more die from the “vaccine”, and then blame the deaths on the flu. No matter what happens, these evil people will twist the tale to make it fit their next lie.

  2. Here’s an interesting graphic on the fatality rates for the ‘delta’ variant in vaccinated and non vaccinated people in Britain:

    Let’s be clear: There are so many confounding variables it would be bad science to suggest that the vaccine causes the variant to be six times more lethal. (Eg. The age demographics eligible for vaccination initially). However, it raises very real doubts about whether the vaccine is the silver bullet it’s billed at.

    I’ll wait for animal trials to be completed. At least 10 years. [Due disclosure: I do not oppose vaccines in principle.]

    • I don’t either. But my distrust of the system and the companies is so high now, that unless I have a home lab to test them to be sure they are what they say they are, I won’t take them. So pro-vaccine im principle, anti-Pfizer and anything at all to do with Bill gates.

  3. Taiwan avg IQ is 106, second only to Japan at 107.
    just sayin'…

    Both island nations managed well till this latest surge, determining their own strategies without reference to the WHO or any other outside “experts”. They hear every voice in the global chorus singing in tune with PRC interests.

    Taiwan and Japan had experience with Chinese lies about SARS-1 in 2003. No one talked about vaccines then. Why now?

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