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2 Replies to “Dr. Simone Gold from today’s webcast by Reiner Fuelmich”

  1. I hope they can do something with crime what our corrupted leaders , traitors preparing for Us , they have to stop this madness pronto..

  2. Dr Simone Gold: “The calm before the storm”. YES.
    When I spoke today to the annual plant seller, I mentioned this story ain’t over. Wait for it.

    They’ll use the Variants to lock us down even more.

    Add to that the said number of cases, the common cold, Influenza, and deaths/health distress related to the Jab and mask-related problems, add those necessary medical procedures such as surgeries, scans… and a perfect storm is brewing. Doctors will be really busy and hospitals also.

    Meanwhile, the economy crashes while food skyrockets in price and people lose all their assets.

    Conclusion: The GREAT RESET.

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