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10 Replies to “One parent finally has had enough and speaks truth to a school board”

  1. Love that she doesn’t get rattled by the interruptions and stays on point. She also lets them know THEY WORK for WE the PEOPLE! She tells them she is retired and will pursue them relentlessly to get CRT out of schools.

    • Well really what happened to reading, writing and arithmetic? The Democratic Socialists of America are bragging about all the radicals they are helping to get in the classrooms. The bloody idiots do not belong in a classroom.

  2. What a wonderful response from that mother: “Children don’t see color.” This is twice I have heard this in the past two days. The left is always spouting that someone is not born a racist but is taught to be one. Yes. Being taught by communist school administrators and educations via critical race theory. America has always been about the melting pot and assimilation into American society and these bastard are trying to undo the progress we have made since the 1960s.

    • Reminds of a story that is fun to share. When my little one was 5, he realized that if he were going to talk to Mom and Dad about his classmates, he would need their names. He recounted who was in his class, saying that he went to school with “dark Sarah” and “light Sarah.” He saw color, but not race.

      • When my son was 3, he told a man in a store he like him because he was made of chocolate. The man in turn told my son he liked him because his red hair was like firey gold.

  3. Yes stop paying school taxes. But first, they are thieves and liars…
    abuse them…?
    Why would a mother trust and leave her children in the hands of people from that school? She’s retired? Maybe she could redirect her energy.
    The government schools can’t be fixed. Stop being a victim mom.
    It’s your responsibility to protect your children. You be the teacher.
    Get them out of that school if it is as bad as you say it is.
    Your children, your choice.

    Freedom Project Academy

    True Education Reform. The Homeschool Revolution! Dr. Duke Pesta
    SchooHouse Rocked – May 6, 2021 – Podbean

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