Video: Aftermath of fire at Alberta Pastor’s house

This is most likely arson. The arsonists were no doubt emboldened by the police actions against Pastor Artur. The Mayor of Calgary, Far left extremist Nenshi, the mayor that said that marching for freedom against Ultra-Vires lock-down measures was “white supremacy”, has been targeting Pastor Artur for years before the Pandemic for such crimes as feeding the poor.

Artur was told it was arson

From 2018:

The Calgary mayor:


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7 Replies to “Video: Aftermath of fire at Alberta Pastor’s house”

  1. Now if this isn’t “Reichskristallnacht” revisited……
    So much easier than constructive debate, especially one they KNOW they would lose, even against a Deaf Mute.
    The next step might be a bullet perhaps for that Pastor?
    I mean, it would be in accordance with Marxist Doctrine, wouldn’t it?

  2. Why all the fuss over these “safe” vaccines after all its “rare” but you can lose two metres of your intestine
    Arresting pastors and rolling out deadly gene therapy while holding back safe medication ! If your loved one is on a ventilator demand life saving proven medical treatment ! Invermectin can treat them ! People are dying and suffering for no reason but for billionaires to experiment . Generation z really really needs us

  3. Well, kids. Welcome to the Global Fascist Plutocracy.
    A commentator here once doubted the Hate as being ‘Real’.
    Voila! We’re torching dissidents homes. Believe in Democracy, you’re a…
    trigger warning!triggerwarning!wootwootwoot!
    The official position of the very well-fed caliph of calgarystan.
    More violence follows. The state will impose maximum totalitarianism to keep the lie alive.
    They have no choice in this. It is the only, and last chance for marxisim, and for china.
    The west must be crushed and Taiwan must be subdued, before November 2022. That time table is being driven down as the covid/Bidden lie crumbles, and a growing backlash against the PRC mobilizes, further fueled by the cascading sinopharm holocaust. We have no nice way out of this. Your franchise has been revoked, the vote meaningless, and the attack committed to. It cannot be stopped. For us, the most dangerous enemy will be our own citizens, unless the dongs start lobbing dong-fengs at refineries and federal sites.
    BTY, you have no defense, military, civil or otherwise. The RCMP and CF will blockade you into your designated killing sack.
    Everybody have fun.

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