Abuse of law, and the subsequent degradation of respect for authority: Links 1 May 17, 2021

1. At anti-Israel protests around the world this weekend, Antisemitic chants are common and frequent

2. How much respect do our leaders have for us? I think this answers that very well. And on behalf of Charles Darwin, anyone who thinks this is a good reason to get the experimental gene therapy, should really go get the mRNA shot.

3. The good news is, at this point people don’t even pretend anymore that muslims yelling allah hu ackbar is anything but a threat. Toronto:

4. Covid risk/benefit for vaccine use under 18 YO

Related: This doctor points out one of the more subtle probably Marxist taxonomic tricks in this whole pandemic.

(By calling a healthy person, “asymptomatic” you are saying they are in need of treatment or otherwise treated for a disease or a disease carrier, even though you can’t see the ‘symptoms’ but really they are there.)

5. Its tricky finding a word for writing a ticket of nearly a thousand dollars to a reporter for reporting on a march for freedom in Hamilton On. other than fascist, totalitarian, authoritarian, repressive, communist, oh easily could add Islamic because showing anything about Islam that makes it look like it really is, actually is the crime of slander under Islamic law. What it isn’t is democratic or free.

The good news is:

FUREY: Ontarians are no longer listening to the government

Despite the stay-at-home order enforced by the Ford government, Ontarians filled the streets and parks over the weekend.

Many people participated in protests, played sports and enjoyed the outdoors – all the while breaking the law. Ontarians have had enough of lockdowns and have shown they can make their own informed choices.

If the plan was to create total contempt of authority, medical and political, congratulations Ford. You did an excellent job

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2 Replies to “Abuse of law, and the subsequent degradation of respect for authority: Links 1 May 17, 2021”

  1. This is not just abuse of Law, this is also an abuse of POWER, granted to the Politicians by the People.
    Because the Politicians are the ones that implemented and furthered all this in the Name of their “Deity” Satan, Multiculturalism, Marx, Mao and all those other purveyors of Mass-murder, and for their own insatiable greed.

  2. Corona-dissidents will be provoked to attack the police, will be branded terrorists, martial law will be intruduced, leaders killed or imprisoned, resistance broken, problem solved.

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