Man in Alberta given $2800.00 fine for walking near an anti-lockdown demo

A friend of this site sent in the following information and video:

My friend lives in Alberta. He was on his way to a rally out west. He got a $2,800 ticket!!! 
>It does not seem like he was even close to the rally yet.

And from the man you see in this video:

please share my attached video far and wide, thank you.

The Public Health clowns controlled by the WHO/UN weaponize the police to silence any thought that is not part of the state narrative. 

We have to save our children.

This is not about public safety. It never was.

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3 Replies to “Man in Alberta given $2800.00 fine for walking near an anti-lockdown demo”

  1. This bastards don’t care about you children, grandchildren, grandparents, nobody , they just follow this demonic agenda , rise up , !! We have to save our children our future, this is hell on earth..

  2. World War III!
    a. Biological warfare.
    b. Economic warfare.
    c. Disinformation.

    Our enemies are using our own law enforcement to enslave us. No enemy general could have planned it better……

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