For the second time, the smoking gun of Chinese bioweapons and Covid is out in public

Please watch both these videos and spread them around. It is time for us to realize China is most definitly at war with the rest of the world, that Covid is indeed a weapon of war, and most of our own politicians either through incompetence, by being forced or blackmailed, or because they are ideologically in line with China, are on the other side.

For anyone who has the slightest doubt of the veracity of the video above, I would like to point you to a video we subtitled from Italian TV last year, which was actually broadcast five years ago in Italy.

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  1. Interesting, but now that we know this, you can be certain that, with this level of deliberate planning, they already have a real vaccine, and well in advance of the CV19 release and I will bet that all the families of the elite globalists were immunized well before the release, including all of the PLA’s hierarchy.
    This true vaccine will never see the light of day for anyone else as for them/us we will have only a playing field for experimental control mechanisms both political and biological and a rich financial reward for those big pharma shareholders.
    As for your average Chinese citizen, seeing as cannon fodder still applies to them, they would be happy to lose a couple of million males just to reset the one child balance.
    Maybe there is no evidence for a deliberate release but it appears that the emotional justification for such an action has been well programmed into the minds of PLA scientists and that such an “accident” occurred seems more unlikely every day.

  2. This is the “perfect storm”: The release of the virus gives the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank the incentive to loan-shark their way through nations, demanding lockdowns and other “Covid security measures” in loan conditions, which of course, perpetuate the debt cycle, from which there is no escape. Ultimately it is the banks that pull the strings. They will own everything. The W.H.O., the U.N., the C.C.P., the W.E.F.; these institutions are only a means to an end. Pray.

    Belarus is standing up to the IMF, but it is a difficult path and the West has not taken that road.

    “In June, Alexander Lukashenko said that the IMF continued to demand that Belarus introduce “quarantine, isolation, curfew” to receive a loan.”

    “Safeguards mean “measures to contain the pandemic in accordance with the WHO recommendations, which is the standard [IMF] procedure for all countries” Rice said.”

  3. I think this Australian Sky News report is just another, very astute, PSY ATTACK — even if some of it may be true.

    Because in the present circumstances the main effect of the Corona(hoax) is psychological, societal, political and economic. Everything but health-related. So the way out for the population would be to know that this is mainly a hoax and not to take it seriously. Therefore the Corona PSYOP should be publicly debunked first. But this report takes the “virus” seriously and literally, causing the very fear they warn of.

    This is an ongoing PSOP WAR — and it means that one should not take anything at face value, not even info from more trusted sources like Sky News AU.

    Generally speaking a psyop itself is invisible. Therefore one way to identifiy and measure a psy operation is to look at its effects. The effect of this report is mass fear — therefore I regard it another battle in the war; especially in the recent war between Australia and China.

    The presenter, Sharri Markson who claims to have written a book that claims to expose “What really happened in Wuhan” does not look honest to me. She has a ‘mask’ on, a robot-like face that seems to be friendly for the superficial onlooker, but her face does not ever change. And I do not think she is capable of writing such a book without the assistance of intelligence operatives — who can be double agents…

    This is not to say that the tangible details of this war she talks about cannot be true and valid. But at this stage to tell the masses that “the Chinese may spray deadly viruses into the air in the cities where you live” is a crime; or at least a huge counter-psyop mistake…

    The attack on the Globe, by spreading the virus, has not happened yet, or was not successful considering the infection survival rate of Covid-19. What has been successful thoug is the Corona-psyop.

    These kinds of specific details of future kinetic bio-warfare should be handled in the background by military experts and not trumpeted on TV targeting the already confused and fearful population.

    • Thank you for that excellent comment.
      When mulling it over last night, I was thinking along similar lines. My conclusion was that these two videos are accurate, but that the weapon was not as powerful as expected. In other words, its like someone came in to rob a store with a 4/10 shotgun loaded with salt but thinking it was a cannon. The issue is one of intent. The Chinese are at war with us. They did make this as a weapon, and we have to take that seriously. Just not the weapon itself at this stage.

      Your analysis is superb though. Thank you for that.

      • Thanks for the feedback. I mostly agree.

        But I do not believe that the Chinese have made a mistake with this Corona-attack in the sense that they had wanted it to be more powerful.

        The main reason for it is CONTROL. A REAL, effective bioattack could not have lead to the deep and comprehensive control of the West like it has. At least not in the ‘first round’. In a real attack masses of people would have taken control of the situation, which seems to be the opposite what has happened and what the goal of the enemy must have been.

        In a real, shocking mass attack there is too much REAL CHAOS that may cause the operation to go out of control. And the reaction to it is also uncotrollable, at least from the perspective of the attacker. Too many local volunteers, to many everyday heroes, too much real responsibity-taking by ordinary people. Too much real, direct and horizontal information exchange among the individuals who must cooperate, at least to bury the dead in the streets or operate the infrastructure… This way the planted NWO agents who act like genuin doctors today would have been circumvented; and the planned vertical control of the society could not have been built up.

        If an attack is real there must be real countermeasures, and the events have their own trajectory and life cycle. Thus they have an end, ending the operation too. Therefore a real bio-attack with mass casualties would not have had the ability to transform the society like it did.

        Had the subversion and the power grab from within (“with our own hands” !) not been successful, it would even have induced a very dangerous effect for the attackers: the social cohesion would have strengthened within the nations, which would have led to traditional kinetic counter-attacks on China or other attackers.

        Therefore the operation almost entirely had to be fake to ensure its gradual and stealthy nature.

        It is exactly the fakeness of the Corona-operation that enabled those very sophisticated control mechanisms that now work like “switches” on the society. Such control devices are for example the fake PCR-tests. They are almost like a volume-switch on the whole world that can turn the plandemic on-and-off as you wish. You can literally control and even engineer the plandemic by it like turning a tap. They also had to “think global, act local” — as the globalists like to boast. Some methods of Corona-subversion would not have worked the same way in different countries so they had to adjust the local operations. This would not have been possible if it was a real attack.

        But now, as the first ‘feasibility study’ and the first “field experiment’ of the plandemic is over, and the NWO has taken control of all the national governments and their main systems [media, healthcare, military etx.], the second round can be real.

        Because now they are controlling everything: all the inner SYSTEMS of the societies. This way they cannot make huge mistakes even if, say, the number of casualties get too high and out of control a bit: the media propaganda and the new military laws will solve it… Every new psyop, however crazy, will now work on the now befuddled, divided population that still has a PTSD. Now we are the perfect victim. But mere psyops alone are probably not enough any more. They have to beat us more and more seriously, to get the same effect again.

        So the second round of attacks will probably be much more lethal. Indeed, they will have to be more lethal: otherwise the hoax gets exposed. They must keep on using the SYSTEMS they have hijacked before they disintegrate in the lack of maintenance. Therefore they will have to inflict on us all kinds of real disasters, not just viruses, that justify the new levels of central control and power grab.

  4. MAY 11 2021 – Exchange between Sen. Rand Paul and Anthony Fauci

    Sen. Rand Paul: “Dr. Fauci, do you still support…NIH funding of the lab in Wuhan?”

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