Interesting protest by College of Nurses today in Toronto. Videos MIA

Today there was what looks like an interesting protest staged by Toronto front line nurses against the measures and rules in place over Covid. I have found 2 videos on Youtube where nearly nothing is established and there is one complete video on Facebook but its really difficult to watch and hear, and my editing software for some reason, is all but useless right now.

If anyone out there knows where we can see videos of Today’s Toronto protest, please post the links to this post and I will add them to it.

Here are the few I have found so far:


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13 Replies to “Interesting protest by College of Nurses today in Toronto. Videos MIA”

  1. Any one else getting Covid fatigue?……
    I can recommend any of Laura Lynn Thompson’s videos, she’s on Facebook nightly and
    Bitchute. I tried to post the interview with the BC Dr. Hoffe on Bitchute yesterday, but for some reason it didn’t post.

    • I tried working with ASKIMET on that and had some minimal success. If I can FIND the attempt at a comment, then I can clear it and it retrains the system to allow bitchute links. But the next thing I knew, the comments were no where I could get to them to approve them.

      BIG power wants to make sure we cannot see or know anything that might threaten the revolutionary government. Meanwhile, make a tiny URL and it should still work.

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