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3 Replies to “Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson video on the demonstration for BC dad at Vancouver Court house”

  1. It’s closing barn doors, after horses have bolted.
    The Government’s claws into all those insulted
    Want an abortion
    Any Fair Portion
    Belief into Laws, and the kingdom’s revolted.

    • I cannot take a ‘father’ seriously when their child does not love their own identity.

      It’s like saying, “my four year old went out last night, down to the river and got eaten by crocodiles. Ban crocodiles!” Then it’s ban rivers. Then it’s ban paths. At no point does he say, “you know what, I brought this child into the world and I did not protect them. Their need for authenticity, unconditional love, and to have me around to show them the wonders of life…”.

      And then he said, “I want to warn you young men and women, about the trap your government has created. And of my testimony, for being a failure. For governments, it’s all about shooting fish in a barrel. The same for Religion, the Media, and the Multinationals. To get you addicted to them. To get upset and then bury yourself deep into them. I want to talk to you about real peace, real love, and real honesty…”

      Heckler: “You’re a hater!”

      “And about truth and forgiveness…”

      Police: “I arrest you on a technicality that the heckler came within six feet and you did not move away. Move along, nothing to see here”

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