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One Reply to “Lawyer at Orange County School board meeting reminds them of the unconstitutionality of forcing children to take medications without parental knowledge”

  1. She may, probably will convince some people but the higher ranking Dem politicians don’t believe in the rule of law. There is one set of laws for us and none for them.

    On Wednesday was talking to one of the mantence men and in reply to a comment about Obama he said, “yeah we are living in a Third World country”. That pretty much says it all about what is happening in the US, and all of the other Western Nations.

    What is telling is that the working class have discovered this and are not afraid to talk about it. This does not bode well for the Dems in an honest election or if they steal the next two elections. We the People are trying to follow the law in removing the crooks but when the law fails us we will have no choice but to resort to other means.

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