Wuhan Flu continues to be the excuse for loss of rights across the Western world: Links 2, February 26, 2021

1. When the government decides what is an essential reason to have a basic right, and when the government decides what is true, and what is misinformation, and when the government determines what is and is not “hate speech” based on fungible criteria, then what would you call that system of government exactly?

2. Vaccine passports in the works in Quebec

3. Rocco Galati: Why we should not trust government

4. BC’s health bureaucrat feels that she should be free of criticism and protest for her totalitarian policies.

5. The following video was removed from Youtube. What there reasons are of course carries no direct meaning. The real reason is that an authoritative figure, in this case Dr. Andrew Bostom, has an opinion which deviates from the CONSENSUS on how we must think about all aspects of covid/Wuhan Flu policy.

Andrew’s explanation for this video:

My 2/24/21 interview with Mike Stenhouse in follow-up to Mike’s uniquely outstanding discussion (see it here: https://youtu.be/wYLBUkdbkgg?) with 6 Brown University varsity baseball players whose 2021 season was cancelled due to alleged “covid-19” concerns. I reviewed data from a study of 30,074 Wisconsin High School athletes participating in fall sports during 2020 which revealed all of the following: C19 rates correlated with county rates (r=0.60), cases were acquired at home (55%) or outside sports (41%), and only 1/210 cases with a known source (0.5%) were due to sport contact, while masks did not decrease C19 incidence. (full study here: https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.11…?) These and other relevant data confirming the current state of C19’s dramatic, reassuring decline in RI, and across the country were discussed, including the ginned up, factitious hysteria on “covd-19 variants” (see debunking of C19 variant panic porn here: https://twitter.com/andrewbostom/stat…?). I concluded that Brown University/The Ivy League shamefully sacrificed the baseball seasons of these young men, and all the varsity baseball players in their league, on the altar of insane “wokeism”, a modern totalitarian Neo-Marxist religion of immorality (like Marxism itself in the words of ex-Communist intellectual Max Eastman; see: https://fee.org/media/16512/1953-6.pdf?)

6. Gotta love Red Pill Germany. Like Canada, border controls are really only for classical Germans and Canadians. If you are a third world illegal, even with Covid etc. you can walk right in with no fines, penalties or arrest.

7. UK considering MANDATORY mRNA gene therapy injections

Thank you Richard, M., Wrath of Khan, Michelle, Yucki, Andrew Bostom, Xanthippa, and everyone who is attempting to raise awareness of the descent into tyranny which certainly appears to be taking place.

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  1. If we did not have so many damn halfwits, fragile little, drama queens who voted for the worst Prime Minister joke in the history of this nation, the little Soros, puppet, build back better, tear Canada apart, global boy, we would not be in this mess.

    Don’t worry, the Caliphate is coming.

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