Look out for WORST WAVE YET! Always imminent, and Sky Oz explains it all: Links 1, February 26, 2021

1. ‘IMMINENT AND CONSIDERABLE THREAT’: A third and potentially larger COVID-19 wave is coming

(I suggest they name this variant after the meteor it will ride in on and they can call it, “The Triffid Variant”)

“Orange didn’t work in the fall, so why is it going to work now? If our plan is to control it, doing something that didn’t work in the fall isn’t going to work in February with the variants coming.”

It is not what anyone wants to hear at this point in the pandemic, but a growing chorus of health officials believes Ontario is in the calm before the storm of a third wave of COVID-19 unless something changes. And, because it will be driven by more contagious variants, this one could be bigger and harder to control than previous waves.

That gnawing concern about what is coming has been heard in recent warnings from numerous health officials and organizations that Ontario is relaxing restrictions too soon.

(I wonder what crisis actors get per hour these days? Are they members of ACTRA or Equity? Maybe the time has come to grab a propane BBQ on wheels and set it up on a corner and start selling sausages and burgers and standing up to the tyrants for a change. Clearly Florida and many other states and countries have the same curves or better as places that did this destructive and unprecedented lockdowns.)

2. US back doing air strikes in Syria. MSNBC clumsily ties it in to the assassination of the Muslim Brotherhood operator, Kashogi, repeating the lie that he was a “journalist” cause he wrote one letter to the Washington Post.

3. Tucker Carlson deals with the immense privilege of being rich, black, and in an exclusive school.

(It takes 12 minutes to get to motive. Thats fair because it needs to be extremely well established what the facts are in this case before you go after the why. It would have been really great though, if Tucker’s show went into her courses and what each one of those classes teaches. We can be pretty sure its all flavours of Marxism. In fact I would not be surprised to find out that getting white people destroyed for nothing was in fact a huge part of her thesis for a degree. Sadly Tucker dodges the most important aspect of this story, which is why did this happen. At this point we all know the how. Certainly since people got destroyed over a garage door pull and some hired thugs false flagged as trump supporters for an actor.)

4. Sky News Australia is one of the last vestiges of actual information left in the Western world, certainly the Anglosphere. It turns out that the WHO owed half a billion dollars UNLESS there was a global pandemic. Then suddenly they didn’t have to pay it back. Why do we not all know that?

5. Being pro or anti police is as thoughtless and frankly dangerous, as being pro or anti war. Generally people who are anti-war are pro war but on the other side. Like the peace activists during WW2 in the US or the organizers of the anti Vietnam war protests. Code Pink also for the Iraq war. The issue is not for or against war, its for or against being defeated in one. When the cost of going to war is higher than the cost of not doing so, in the case of defending oneself or culture etc. then one goes to war. Being pro police when police risk their own safety defending your freedoms, rights, property and person is an excellent position to have. We are in fact being pro rule of law in that case, where police are the instruments of it. But when police are state thugs actually crushing your rights, liberties and even ability to make a living, then they are state thugs in matching pants suits and deserve all the respect they show our rights.

To help make David Menzies’ point, please listen to this interveiw done in Ottawa on February 14th with a woman who was left in solitary confinement for over 40 hours for speaking at a protest:

As to his question about Ottawa Vs. Toronto, its that municipal police have no jurisdiction on Parliament Hill. They have their own security there and so far, they haven’t been instructed to arrest protestors. Im not sure about RCMP though, I would think they do.

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, MarcusZ1967, PC., Johnny U., Michelle, EB., and all who sent in materials and continue to participate in what is alleged to be a democratic and free society.

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