Massive riots in Belgium, King’s motorcade attacked downtown Brussels

Please read details over at RAIR Foundation.

Here is a series of videos of the events in Brussels last night:




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2 Replies to “Massive riots in Belgium, King’s motorcade attacked downtown Brussels”

  1. Brussels and Greater Brussels area: some 50% of residents are African Black and/or North African and/or Mid-Easterners. What the high majority of them have in common: Islamic upbringing.

    White Western Europeans allowed the Devil to cohabitate among them. Now, they reap the harvest.

    • Brussels has been a craphole for many, many years. The three main stations and their surroundings are infested with homeless beggars, illegals, scamming gypsies, pickpockets, drug dealers and luggage thieves. From what I’ve heard, it was lost at least 30 years ago.
      It also has things going for it oc. Thee architecture, and there are restaurants worth seeking out (check the bill though). Apart from a few such places, you’re either in a slum or a business area.
      Belgian cities rely mostly on local tax for their income. So Brussels is in a negative spiral, the more poor residents they have, the less resources they have for police, city planning etc.

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