Here Are The Ten Republicans Who Voted To Impeach Trump:

As Democracy winds down, we may as well take advantage of one of the remainders of it. And that is knowing which representative voted for what measure so that we can make a responsible choice if ever given the opportunity to do so again. Assuming we had that chance in the past of course.

The Ten ‘Republicans’ who voted to Impeach President Trump for a second time are:

Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney
Ohio Rep. Anthony Gonzalez
Washington Rep. Jamie Herrera-Beutler
New York Rep. John Katko
Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger
Michigan Rep. Peter Meijer
Washington Rep. Dan Newhouse
South Carolina Rep. Tom Rice
Michigan Rep. Fred Upton
California Rep. David Valadao

Thank you Brad Johnson for this list.

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3 Replies to “Here Are The Ten Republicans Who Voted To Impeach Trump:”

  1. I read what Trump said to his supporters Jan 6h. He said they could protest at the capital, peacefully and patriotically. That is not incitement to violence. These Reps are scum to vote for impeachment. Still think it was a trap when some got invited inside. Also these protestors looked confused and joking around and unsure, which they are! They are not violent. It’s nothing compared to what BLM and antifa have done.

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