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9 Replies to “Ashli Babbitt’s last live stream before she was killed by police in DC”

  1. Take a good look at the video of her getting shot, look at the way the cop aims, backs off then aims again and then finally aims and fires. Was hesitating because he couldn’t get a clear shot at her?

    • Which cop?
      There are two videos of guys aiming at her and shooting.
      One a cop, the other a guy in a suit with white shirt behind the shattered glass, he’s wearing black gloves. Those black gloves tell the story.

    • Big Tech is now part of the overthrow of a President. He’s totally isolated by all sides. Just the most horrible thing I’ve ever seen in the political world. This is worse than Maduro.

      • It will be if they can hold on to power long enough.

        They are moving too fast to consolidate power, this is driving people to our side and is forcing the various fraternal groups to organize. It is gonna get real scary.

  2. Like countries around the world, the UK is finally checking visitors for covid. But why has the border-obsessed Brexit Britain been open to disease for so long? Why have people been allowed to enter the country and wander around for close to a year, spreading the virus if they are infected? Money of course.

  3. The left has marginalized her death and dismissef her as a crazy, over zealous Trump supporter. Fly with the angels now , Ashli.

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