Enemy propaganda solidifies in its method and purpose: Links 2, January 8, 2021

1. CNN is DOXXING people who went to Capitol Hill. Now why would a news org do that?

2. From “Protests are American” to “Those are domestic terrorists!”

3. Now that Trump has gone I guess we can all look forward to that boring peace and prosperity to turn deliquescent. IRGC underground missile base.

Original video on this page.

And here:

(Twitter doesn’t seem to have a problem with threats of violence or revelling in the means for mass destruction for Iran much either)

4. Quebec races across the finish line to be Canada’s first police state under MARTIAL law. (Was gonna spell it marital for a laugh but nothing is funny anymore)

(Click through to read comments and details at Twitter. For one thing, you will find out why so many people want dogs now)

5. Many Americans are seeing Republicans out in the wild and offering them opinions on their conduct. Still not as bad as what Democrats did for 4 years to Republicans at restaurants and everywhere else at the prompting of Nancy Pelosi and infinitely more deserved in this case.

Below, Lindsey Graham:

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Johnny U., PC., EB., Pym Purnell, MissPiggy, and a LOT of other people containing their rage and disappointment enough to continue the fight.



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3 Replies to “Enemy propaganda solidifies in its method and purpose: Links 2, January 8, 2021”

  1. The actions of people on both sides show the rush to civil war.

    The Dems are trying to impeach Trump before he leaves office, there are 2 reasons for this, 1) They want him to go down in history as the First person that was successfully impeached.

    2)If they successfully impeach him he will be unable to run for President in 2024.

    Pay attention to the video about revolutions starting because people are denied Justice and Rights. Remember Conservative Revolutions are fought to restore rights the government is taking from the people. Liberal Revolutions are fought to discover new rights for people, rights that result in multi tiered Judicial systems and Dictators.

      • That might be part of it but they are counting on their control of the Propaganda Media to cover for that. Everything that has happened and is happening is well covered in the European Press. You will notice that none of that is making it to the US public.

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