A solid explanation of what is a “Colour Revolution” and how it played out in the USA

(This is really good. It also seems like the time to add that during most of the ANTIFA/BLM riots, i often noticed a much higher than chance, occurrence of specific clothes. For example, for some weeks during various riots in Portland and other cities, I noticed that a lot of people who might be directing the violence, wore Rolling Stones T shirts with the tongue on it. It seemed to me that they were too young and there was too many of them to accidentally be wearing that symbol. Even at the time it looked like that was a secret uniform maybe showing rank of some kind. This would fit with the “colour” part of the Colour revolution in the following explanation.)

There are several other segments to the show of which part 1 is above. We will add them here as soon as they are found.

Below, is a video from October 29, where Rich Higgens discusses what might happen on November 4th. Now that we are at November 20th, its interesting to test their models against their predictions.

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  1. In video 6, the last of the full hour show in the third video in the post they are talking about the way the left seems to be setting the stage for a military coup lead by the left wing Generals that Obama promoted. In this article by J.E. Dyer (Ghosts of Spygate: Force shift in Washington continues as more Defense officials leave https://libertyunyielding.com/2020/11/11/ghosts-of-spygate-force-shift-in-washington-continues-as-more-defense-officials-leave/ ) about the way people at the top of the DOD and some intel groups are “resigning” and are being replaced. Pay close attention to the backgrounds of the replacement officers, they are being drawn from groups that are known for being patriotic and being loyal to their oaths of office they are loyal to the Constitution not any one President. They are also trained in Guerrilla and Counter Guerrilla war and can recognize what is happening as well as the people in the videos posted above.

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