US election related and other issues: Links 1, November 20, 2020

1. Dominion Cheating Machines Inc ™ reps back out of testifying before Penn State government hearings

2. Hard not to agree with General Flynn. If a Republican ever wins an election again, it will be a RINO like Jeb Bush.

3. Man this Tucker Carlson-Sidney Powell issue makes you feel like a child watching his parents fight

4. House Committee presser on Dominion voting machines

5. More names than eligible voters

6. The right of exit is the last right to fall in a free or democratic state. Once you lose that, you have no remaining pretence to a free society.

7. Candice has a really strong point.

8. The UK Covid numbers make as much sense as the vote counts in the US

9. Nov 20th clip on hacking voting machines From November 12, 2017

10. Computing Forever: The next crisis

Thank you EB., ET., Malca, M., Wrath of Khan, Miss Piggy, Hellequin GB., Richard, Johnny U., MarcusZ1967, and many more who are preserving normalcy through any and all means possible.

John Voight


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