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2 Replies to “Another teacher in France is threatened with ISIS”

  1. He (Mohammed) seduced the people by promises of carnal pleasure to which the concupiscence of the flesh urges us.
    His teaching also contained precepts that were in conformity with his promises, and he gave free rein to carnal pleasure.
    In all this, as is not unexpected; he was obeyed by carnal men.
    As for proofs of the truth of his doctrine, he brought forward only such as could be grasped by the natural ability of anyone with a very modest wisdom.
    Indeed, the truths that he taught he mingled with many fables and with doctrines of the greatest falsity.
    Thomas Aquinas

  2. She “got over it” because she got psychiatric care and had a network of support of family and friends. NOT because the child was immediately removed from the class and placed in a facility for dangerous juvenile offenders while the State looked into deporting the entire family.
    None of this will stop until Western gov’ts get serious about ridding their societies of this sickness. Hence, we have many more years to come and it will get worse as the demographics continue to change just by breeding alone.

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