A dozen items worthy of a little of our time: Links 2, October 26, 2020

1. Canadian government has to keep matters of public interest secret or it will kill people. Apparently.

2. 7 Open Leftist Threats That Political Terror Is Coming To America Whether Trump Wins Or Not

Many leftists have directed some deeply disturbing rhetoric at conservatives and Trump supporters in recent months, claiming President Trump’s bombast is responsible for the political polarization of today’s America. This is pure nonsense.

Sure, Trump talks about MS-13 as “animals,” Antifa as “thugs,” and Hillary Clinton as crooked enough to “be in jail.” His supporters know his presentation to be a bombastic and theatrical schtick, but he never threatens any group of voters.

By contrast, some ominous tones, even homicidal and terrorist tones, are coming from the mainstream left. Increasingly, through mainstream media and Big Tech, high-profile leftists are speaking openly about violence to be inflicted on Trump and all his supporters.

3. See this is really interesting. The caption reads “Demonstrations in northern Idlib in support of the Prophet and to denounce French declarations against Islam”

But the chants in the video are all about killing all the jews with the traditional “Khybar Khybar” chant.

4. At last there was a lot of people at a Biden rally. Unfortunately for him, they were Trump supporters

“Folks, I have an ignition to make”. He really is like a senile Yogi Berra.

5. This is a little bit of genius. Muslims adopt the communist trick of calling anyone who objects to them imposing their lethal restrictions on freedom of speech and thought on us all, “fascists”! I mean you gotta love it. In a way, it helps shine a light on the ANTIFA and general leftist insanity of the use of the term because its SO blatantly obvious with Islam. In essence, ‘we will behead you if you do something that offends our religion and if you object YOU are the fascist!’

(This video went missing when we posted it last night. Here it is now)

6. When Biden is talking, nearly anything else nearby appears to be more interesting

“Four more years of George”

7. Quebec: Some businesses have had it and are doing what we all should have done from the start. Removed our authority from the cowardly ruling class.

8. Chinese Hostage Diplomacy (And Canada’s inability to respond)

9. Jessica Yaniv files human rights complaint against beauty pageant for not letting her compete

Canada Galaxy Pageants, a women’s-only beauty pageant based out of Toronto, Ontario, is facing human rights complaints from self-proclaimed lesbian warrior princess and tech blogger Jessica Yaniv, after not being accepted as a contestant in the pageant’s “28 Years and Older” division.

(If the laughably named, “Canadian Human Rights Commission” took the complaint then she won. They only take cases that are bad for Western thought and civilization and the case is decided when they accept it. It doesn’t matter what the defendant says or does or did unless they can get enough publicity on it to threaten the existence of the ‘courts’ themselves)

10. Indian news has been tricked into thinking that Macron will do anything at all about Islamic destruction of Western values and culture in France. Macron seemed pretty stoked about the burning of Notre Damme as I recall.

11. Amy Coney Barrett Officially Confirmed To The Supreme Court, Headed To White House To Be Sworn In

The U.S. Senate officially confirmed Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett in a Monday night vote.

The vote was 52-48. The only Republican to vote against Barrett’s confirmation was Maine Sen. Susan Collins. Every Democrat opposed Barrett’s confirmation. Republican Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski was on the fence about how she was going to vote but ended up voting in favor of Barrett’s confirmation.

The Senate Judiciary Committee voted Thursday to advance Barrett’s nomination to the Senate floor for a full confirmation vote. The vote was 12-0 with zero Democrats present. Democrats on the committee boycotted the committee vote on Barrett and instead filled their seats in the committee with life-sized posters of people who could be hurt if the Affordable Care Act were to be repealed.

12. Austrian military imam fired after allegedly sympathizing with jihad

(Forgive the crude acronym, but exactly WTF do they expect from an imam? By definition, an Imam is Islamic and HAS to be pro jihad. In fact according to the Cairo declaration of Human Rights in islam, Jihad cannot be considered as “terrorism” as its an OBLIGATION under Islam!)

A well-known imam, Abdulmedzid Sijamhodzic, has been expelled from the Austrian army after the government said evidence came to light that he supports jihadists.

Muslims such as Sijamhodzic, who mostly stem from Balkan countries, have been working in the Austrian army for many years, and a large hare of them came to Austria as refugees during the Yugoslav wars. In response, the Austrian army thus decided to create the post of military imam.

Now, the position is turning out to be a problem after serious allegations prompted Austrian Defense Minister Klaudia Tanner to immediately expel Sijamhodzic from Austria’s armed forces. 

He is suspected of publicly expressing his sympathy for a Bosnian jihadist movement, according to Czech news portal Echo24.

“Cooperation with him is terminated with immediate effect until further notice,” Tanner said.

Thank you Yucki, M., Johnny U., Tania Groth, ML., Wrath of Khan, MarcusZ1967, Johnny U., Yucki and a lot of others who contributed thoughts, analysis, and also answered the call for help for the site. We do find ourselves in a bit of a lurch due to what is likely an attack of sorts where we now have to pay for some services that used to be free.


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6 Replies to “A dozen items worthy of a little of our time: Links 2, October 26, 2020”

  1. 2 – The left came too close to seizing total control in the US and aren’t going to willingly stop their efforts to seize power. Look at how they are preparing to create a situation where it will be the Supreme Court that decides the outcome of the election. And not just the White House but many of the Seats in the House and the Senate. The threat of having an evenly divided court (if Roberts decides to shift sides again) being blocked from deciding anything was one of the reasons that Amy Coney Barrett was nominated and then speedily confirmed. This will ensure that we don’t go into 2021 not knowing who won the election and who has control of the Federal Police and the Military. This won’t prevent the left from starting riots, launching targeted assassinations of political opponents and Journalists who aren’t enthusiastically supporting the left and wealthy individuals who haven’t been donating money to antifa but it will give us some degree of police protection.

    10 – I doubt that WION has spent as much time watching Macon and analyzing his actions, since most of the reports on international news are real close to reality they will learn not to take his proclamations seriously.

    The Brooklyn Police Officer has either been put on unpaid leave or fired for his actions.

    • WION actually luxuriates in wishful thinking.

      I like it – a straightforward, positive spin. Sure, it’s chavinistic, but why not? No mealy-mouth, pretentious and fake “even-handedness”.

  2. No. 2
    Just a little anecdote that sent chills down my spine.
    When I was in the process of soliciting some tuition from a music teacher who seemed to be down to earth and not at all radical I came across a really disturbing video. He basically said soon his people will get into power he will personally enjoy executing Trump supporting “fascists”.
    I didn’t fancy discussing anything further with my potential executioner after that.

  3. 1)

    In every case, the remedy is to take action.
    Get clear about exactly what it is that you need to learn and exactly what you need to do to learn it.
    BEING CLEAR KILLS FEAR. (that’s why Governments and their Minions are never CLEAR)
    Make it thy business to know thyself, which is the most difficult lesson in the world.
    >Miguel de Cervantes<

  4. 12. So the Austrians have gotten rid of a military imam. The inference being that there is a sufficient number of muslims in the Austrian armed forces to warrant the need for one. Shouldn’t they also be expelling all of the muslim personnel to?
    He everyone forgotten how muslims supposedly on the side of the US and UK forces in Iraq and Afghanland, turned their weapons on those US and UK forces?

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