France: Muslim decapitates a teacher for showing a drawing of the founder of Islam, Mohammad, in class

 ‘Parent shouting Allahu Akbar’ beheads Paris teacher ‘for showing pupils cartoons of the Prophet in class’: Terrorist is then shot dead by cops following chase

A parent shouting Allahu Akbar and thought to be wearing an explosive vest has been shot dead by French police near Paris after allegedly beheading a school teacher with a knife.

The victim was said to have been a school teacher who had enraged parents by displaying cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed to pupils.

A source told Le Parisien: ‘The victim had recently given a lesson to his students on freedom of expression and had shown the caricatures of Muhammad’.

This led to an enraged parent confronting the teacher with a kitchen knife, and then cutting his head off, said the source.

The first bloodbath took place in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, a suburb some 25 miles from the centre of the French capital on Friday.

French anti-terror prosecutors confirmed they were investigating an assault in which a man was decapitated on the outskirts of Paris.

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31 Replies to “France: Muslim decapitates a teacher for showing a drawing of the founder of Islam, Mohammad, in class”

  1. This was supposed to be done with a Kitchen Knife?
    The cut is to clean in my opinion, it looks to me that a sword was used to behead that man.

    Kemal Ataturk was 100% right when he said;
    “Islam, this absurd theology of an immoral Bedouin, is a rotting corpse
    which poisons our lives”

    It poisons the whole of Humanity.

    In my humble opinion, Islam, along with Marxism, is a shackle on the stride of Mankind that drags us back into the Dark Ages.

  2. It is important to understand somethings about this case which has really caused major issues for the weak minded politicians in France.

    1. When giving this class the Professor asked Muslims to put their hands up, and he asked them to leave the class so as not to offend them, this means that he went out of his way not to offend Muslims.

    2. One of the children a girl refused to leave the class, her father did a video on social media and he has been arrested, in this video he complained about the professors act in picking out the Muslims and for showing this image. This video was put up two days before this attack and it was linked on this site.

    3. The day before Eric Zemour had a debate with Chvenment an ancient Socialist and they discussed the whole concept of lacite in terms of teachers teaching French values, the socialist was very keen on this and was ignorant of the risks and the difficulty, Zemour tried to explain to him that this was not easy. The debate was to be shown on the evening of the day that this killing occurred. CNEWS went ahead with the showing of this debate.

    4. The Professor was aware that he was in danger, he asked for support and protection and he was refused.

    5. Some of the Muslims parents gained information on his movements, it has also been reported that these parents celebrated his death.

    6. There was a march by the people of that town, I did not see a single Muslim marching with them in the video of the marches.

    It is certainly heating up, both in terms of Islamic terror to cow the French and the reaction of the French to this.

      • A Bing translate:

        When his family, a Russian national from a village south of Grozny, Chechnya, arrived in France in 2008, the man who beheaded the history-geo teacher at Conflans College was 6 years old.

        After a lengthy asylum application for political refugee status, the administration refused to allow the family to remain in France. But the National Court of Asylum overturned the decision in 2011 and resulted in refugee status in France.

        If, in this case, the justice system had followed the administration, this Anzorov family would have been obliged to leave the territory. “Justice has forced the state to give refugee status to this family,” says a senior official. It was because of this that the assailant was issued his residence permit in March 2020, making him a regular adult.

        “Since he was granted state protection in 2011, he was automatically granted the residence permit by his majority,” the source continued.

        His father, who works in security, had been able to get a place in the same industry for his son. He had even bought him a vehicle to fulfill his future missions.

        He did not see his son’s radicalization.

    • 16 h 24 – INFO LE POINT. La justice avait contraint l’État à octroyer le statut de réfugié à la famille de l’assaillant

      Quand sa famille, de nationalité russe, originaire d’un village au sud de Grozny, en Tchétchénie, est arrivée en France en 2008, l’homme qui a décapité le professeur d’histoire-géo du collège de Conflans avait 6 ans.

      Après une longue instruction en vue d’une demande d’asile pour obtenir le statut de réfugié politique, l’administration avait refusé que la famille se maintienne en France. Mais la Cour nationale du droit d’asile a cassé la décision en 2011 et entraîné l’obtention du statut de réfugié en France.

      Si, dans ce cas, la justice avait suivi l’administration, cette famille Anzorov aurait fait l’objet d’une obligation de quitter le territoire. « La justice a obligé l’État à donner le statut de réfugié à cette famille », explique un haut fonctionnaire.

      C’est grâce à cela que l’assaillant s’est vu délivrer sa carte de séjour au mois de mars 2020, faisant de lui un adulte en situation régulière. « Comme il a obtenu la protection de l’État en 2011, le permis de séjour lui a été accordé automatiquement à sa majorité », continue la même source.

      Son père, qui travaille, dans la sécurité avait pu obtenir une place dans le même secteur d’activité pour son fils. Il lui avait même acheté un véhicule pour remplir ses missions à venir. Il n’a pas vu la radicalisation de son fils.

      16 h 01 – Le Collectif contre l’islamophobie en France saisit la justice

      Le Collectif contre l’islamophobie en France (CCIF) annonce vouloir porter plainte après avoir été “plusieurs fois diffamé et accusé d’avoir participé à une campagne de harcèlement contre” Samuel Paty. “Cela est non seulement faux, mais profondément abject”, précise le CCIF sur Twitter.

    • Abdelhakim Sefrioui has now been arrested, there are now 10 people arrested for this, including the parents who did the video

      • I bet its for optics. Catch and release. Arrest, but don’t detain when cameras are rolling, and drop it when everyone is focused on the next atrocity. Macron’s recent noises are for votes. He did the same thing to steal the election from Le Pen a few years ago.

  3. As we go, the story get worse:

    “According to the latest elements of the investigation, the father of the student behind the video does not tell the truth in his message. In reality, his daughter was not in the classroom on the day the teacher showed the caricature to the students, and never even had classes with the victim, having another history teacher. Perhaps she had heard about the cartoon episode and spoke about it at home.”

  4. Tunisia – MP Rached Khiari approves beheading of teacher in France

    MP Rached Khiari openly supported, through a Facebook post the terrorist operation that targeted a teacher in France yesterday.

    The deputy even approved this terrorist act in which a teacher was beheaded for disseminating degrading images for the prophet Mohamed.

    Khiari explained that making fun of Prophet Muhammad is the greatest crime, and whoever dared to perpetrate it takes responsibility whether it is a state, a group or an individual.

  5. DAILY MAIL – Refugee Islamist terrorist asked pupils at French school to point out teacher who had shown them Charlie Hebdo cartoons of Mohammed and then beheaded him – as two parents who ‘led outrage’ are arrested

    French anti-terror prosecutor said Islamist terrorist asked pupils which teacher had shown Prophet cartoons
    Samuel Paty, 47, had received threats before he was stabbed and beheaded by Islamist Aboulakh Anzorov
    Muslim parents took offence at Mr Paty’s decision to show his class cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed
    Nine people have been arrested, including two parents who disapproved of showing of Prophet cartoons

  6. BBC – “Union of French Muslim Democrats” spokeperson on the Muslim ritual beheading

    “the French muslim community is concerned because it might increase Islamophobia

    and of course :” it has nothing to do with our faith “

    and then : it is not the first time some disoriented … people with mental issues kill in the name of Islam and the Muslim community is held responsible for that

    …. “if the French intelligence has failed in preventing the attack it is not our fault ”

  7. Saudi Arabia leads Arab and Muslim world in condemning terrorist murder of French teacher

    JEDDAH: The Arab and Muslim world was united in its condemnation on Saturday after a teacher in France was beheaded in a terrorist attack.

    Samuel Paty, 47, was murdered on his way home from school on Friday in the Paris suburb of Conflans-Sainte-Honorine. His attacker, Abdullakh Anzorov, 18, a Chechen born in Moscow, was shot dead by police.

    The Saudi Foreign Ministry expressed the Kingdom’s solidarity with the French people, and offered condolences to the victim’s family, the French government and its people.

    The Ministry said the Kingdom rejected all violence, extremism and terrorism, and renewed its call to respect religious symbols and to refrain from stirring hatred by insulting religion.

    Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Karim Al-Issa, head of the Muslim World League, said acts of violence and terrorism were crimes in all religions.

    He stressed the importance of making every effort to fight terrorism and uproot its evil, including defeating the extremist ideology that encouraged such crimes.

    He urged France’s leaders to stand against all forms of terror and continue their efforts to eradicate anything that would undermine its security and stability.

    In Cairo, Al-Azhar, the center of Sunni Muslim learning, denounced “this heinous crime and all other terror acts.” It said: “Murder is a crime that cannot be justified in any way. Al-Azhar also underscores its constant call for denouncement of hate speech and violence … and maintains the necessity of respecting sanctities and religious figures, and refraining from stirring up hatred by insulting religions.”


    • This is actually measured verbiage. Sucking up to be called “moderate”.
      The only thing that matters is what they saying to their own people in Arabic.

  8. Real Muslin to president Macron :

    ” Why do you provoke us ?

    you are attacking and you don’t want the consequences

    It is not normal that you want to teach us our religion

    Islam is light

    We love Mohammed more than our wives and children ”

    more :

    • Radical Islam, social networks and the Conflans attack

      The possible involvement of radical Islamist movements, particularly those active on social networks, in the beheading of a history professor in the Paris region on Friday by an 18-year-old Chechen Russian, is causing concern to the intelligence services and the French government.

      The presence of the radical Islamist activist Abdelhakim Sefrioui among the eleven people held in custody as part of the investigation into the assassination of Samuel Paty reinforced these suspicions on Saturday.

      These “minority” Islamist movements seek to convince Muslims that France is an Islamophobic country. They seek to instrumentalize them, to create a conglomerate,”

      Laurent Nuñez, the national coordinator of intelligence and the fight against terrorism, told the French news agency AFP. “And at the slightest incident, they start “.

      Known to the services, Sefrioui is the founder of the Sheikh Yassin collective (named after the founder of Hamas, killed by the Israeli army in 2004). At the beginning of October, he accompanied the father of one of his students to the school where Mr. Paty was teaching to demand the dismissal of the teacher who had shown caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed to his students.

      A few days ago, presenting himself as a “member of the Council of Imams of France”, he also posted a video on YouTube in which he denounced the teacher, calling him a “thug”.

      He was also the one who, in another video broadcast on the same platform, questioned the daughter of the student’s parent and called for mobilization

      The national anti-terrorist prosecutor Jean-François Ricard made NO connection between this man and the killer in front of the press on Saturday.

      ‘Indirect link’

      If there is “not a direct link”, Laurent Nunez considers however that there is undoubtedly “an indirect link”. “It is clear that a threshold has been crossed,” he says, pointing to the “quality of the victim – a teacher – and the barbarity” of his assassination.

      A source close to the government emphasizes the role of “hate messages on social networks that young people are soaking up”.

      A hateful atmosphere on the networks accompanied by a resurgence of radical Islamist movements, according to Laurent Nuñez who outlines the context: “The Charlie trial, the republication of the cartoons and the speech of President Macron on a forthcoming law intended to reinforce secularism and to fight against Islamist separatism”.

      The trial in question is that of the accomplices of those involved in the January 2015 against Charlie Hebdo, in which 12 people died, again in retaliation after the publication of these same cartoons.

      After the attack with a meat grinder perpetrated at the end of September in front of the former premises of Charlie Hebdo by a young Pakistani, a security source explained to AFP that it was “the republishing of the cartoons rather than the trial that played a role in the aggravation of the threats”.

      “The will to strike the West is intact” but “between those who have died and those who are incarcerated”, the capacity of terrorist groups to act is “very reduced”, she added, insisting on the endogenous threat from individuals acting alone.

      ‘Hate of France’

      “For a month now, there has been a convergence and mobilization of three currents of Islamists: Muslims led by Marwan Muhammad, former spokesman of the Collective Against Islamophobia in France (CCIF), the CCIF, and Baraka City,” a government source explained.

      The president of this Muslim charity, Driss Yemmou, was placed under judicial supervision earlier this week before being tried for harassment on social networks against a journalist.

      “For the past two weeks penetration rate of the three currents on social networks has been particularly high”.

      These movements “have today taken the lead in the Islamosphere, with a political, religious, radical, and hateful approach against France,” added the same source.

      “For them, France is a racist, Islamophobic state, the unholy and absolute miscreant country,” she insists, “they want chaos and civil war to develop a new order around the Sharia. They are part of a violent approach”.

      According to this same source, the recent discourse of Emmanuel Macron on Islamist separatism has accentuated their anger.

    • Conflans-Sainte-Honorine : Abdelhakim Sefrioui, l’ombre d’un militant musulman

      Il se présente comme membre d’un conseil des imams de France, une instance qui n’a rien d’officiel.

      Abdelhakim Sefrioui, né au Maroc il y a 61 ans, est un militant musulman connu depuis une quinzaine d’années pour ses prêches antisémites à la sortie des mosquées.

      A l’été 2014, il est en première ligne des manifestations pro-Gaza avec son collectif pro-palestinien cheikh Yassine, du nom d’un fondateur du Hamas.

  9. Jean Messiha – Attentat de Conflans Sainte Honorine : RÉACTION

    The jihadists, Islamist killers, terrorists are not Islamists… they are MUSLIMS and their religion is ISLAM and they execute what the rest of the faithful expect from them

  10. Germany: Berlin mourners pay homage to murdered French teacher Samuel Paty

    About 50 mourners gathered in front of the French embassy in Berlin on Sunday to honour Samuel Paty, a French teacher that was decapitated in what authorities call a terrorist attack in Paris on Friday night.

    Muslim feminist and civil rights activist Seyran Ates attended the vigil and addressed her followers and attendees after laying a bouquet of flowers.

    “I am horrified. I don’t know what other words can be used. There are not only bad people among right-wing racists in Europe, and not only among German and French and Dutch nationals who are xenophobic, but there are also Muslims unfortunately. I am Muslim myself and I can tell you that there are millions of Muslims in this world who kill other people who don’t want to live like they do, people that don’t want freedom. The same as we fight right-wing Nazis, we have to fight the right-wing and identitarian Muslims that are responsible for acts like this,” stated Ates.

    On Friday, 47-year-old history teacher Samuel Paty was beheaded outside his school in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, northwest of Paris. The teacher had recently shown caricatures of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad to his students during a discussion on freedom of speech.

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