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One Reply to “Brad Johnson update on the Armenian war recorded October 12”

  1. While the region being fought over isn’t important to Russia we have to remember that Putin has positioned himself to be the protector of the Christian Faith. If he starts backing off from that he will lose political support in Russia, I don’t know how important this position is to his power base or if it is strong enough to justify taking Russia into a war with Turkey but this has to be taken into consideration.

    The use of Blooded soldiers to stiffen the ranks of the newbies is very important, more important than most people realize. During Nam a lot of WWII and Korea Vets thought that the Dems were drawing out the war to ensure that we always had a supply of blooded troops to threaten the Soviets and Chinese with. I have commented several times about how the Indian troops on the Line of Actual Control between them and China are a very big advantage for India. Those troops have combat experience on the border between India and Pakistan while the Chinese soldiers only experience is beating up civilians. Combat virgins v Blooded troops is an advantage that India and Turkey are enjoying and will use to the fullest.

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