Good article on the “mostly peaceful murder” of a Trump supporter

Article here:

In part:

A man participating in what was billed as a “Patriot Rally” sprayed mace at a left-wing demonstrator, and the left-wing demonstrator shot him with a handgun. Ambulances responded to the scene. Police said Saturday afternoon they were working on a homicide investigation.

Never forget that the enemy always gets a vote.

UPDATE: the killer is “a self-described BLM/Antifa member”, which will presumably inspire the media to describe the murder a “mostly peaceful” one.

UPDATE: Now the killer is reported to be a bodyguard for Denver 9NEWS. But he looks more like he’s taking the offensive in a close-up photo of the shooting.

UPDATE: “The fake news media is literally killing conservatives. Do not go near them. Could end up shot and killed.”

[Click through for the rest. Still looking for video of the murder which apparently is out there and is clear.]

Thank you Gates of Vienna, who just celebrated 13 years in existence this week!


Leading up to the shooting:

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16 Replies to “Good article on the “mostly peaceful murder” of a Trump supporter”

    • Ok, watched the vid again with headphones. I think we can hear the bitchslap at 41 seconds, the gun being racked at 42, and the mace & gunshot (in that order) at 43. Again, we clearly see the victim retreating in the video as well.

      • I have to agree. Regardless, at that distance between them, there is no reason to shoot the guy in the face, thus ensuring his death.

        The killing occurred away from the main crowd. The shooter thought he could get away with it. Thank God for iPhones. That’s my opinion.


    Talk about red flags. This is what dictators do in Third World countries. What they do is they state repeatedly before an election that if they win, OK, they win, but if they lose the election was rigged. Then come election night, wham! Unless they win, of course. This is precisely what Barack Obama’s uncle, tribesman, and mentor, Raila Odinga, did in Kenya and when he lost by a few votes the mosques emptied out and Christians were herding into a church and burnt to death in a peaceful protest. This is pure Third World stuff, folks. Be very afraid. They’ve been doing this stuff in the greater shithole region for years…

    Joe Biden is the most classically corrupt politician I have ever seen. We have him and his son Hunter on tape committing the crimes, for God’s sake. Why isn’t he under arrest for gross abuse of power…? This is dizzying…

    • And while we’re at it why aren’t Hillary and Barack facing murder charges in the Hague Court for the Assassination of the legitimate President of Libya, Moammar Gadhaffi, and the malfeasant politically-expedient homicide of the embassy people at Benghazi? And once again, there is an effing video of Hillary doing it and laughing ever so delightfully…

      Oh, then how about Dr. Fauci Mengle for the murders of tens-of-thousands of people for political purposes…?

    • This is a video made by the shooter on a farmstead:

      There is a lack of ‘masculinity,’ of a composure of self. Childish, a rebel to mom blaming and absent weak father? Shooting his dad?

      A background might come out if he pleas diminished responsibility with an ‘episode.’

      • When people move away from their center, as with the victim, with tattooed life-events recorded over his body – of the Anarchists’ individuality; and the emotionally-attached baby-sweet butterfly-symbols of Socialists, these split-brain personalities trigger each other by what’s not in their opposite brains. And without understanding, they will fight depending on how far out they go.

        However, discharging a noxious substance into a face may be grounds for self-defense as it is intended to immobilize and render helpless.

      • It is not what people do, but why they do it.

        Human perception polarizes, and then conforms or rebels against this by calling it ‘cis-gender’ exchanges or a ‘nothing to see here,’ gender-fluids.

        The whole-body tattooed (without historic-events but mommy-times and body-art) male can have an emaciated wife, where both are satisfied with: “I’m screwing a boy”.

        The historic-tattooed, the daddy-bears, working in their mommas basements, have an honor-patriot sub-dom experience.

        A clash of identities.

        With the constant bombardment and chatter of news media, will the real detached men and women, please stand up.

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