Police station under attack, BBC lies, Move covid skepticism: Links 2, October 11, 2020

1. Police station in France under attack by muslims. Only one media source, a major blog in France, bothers to mention who is attacking the station.

2. Tom Fitton from Judicial Watch explains to Epoch Times, the reason for all the attempts at a coup against Trump. To protect themselves from prosecution.

3. India puts up “Happy Taiwan Day” posters right outside the Chinese Embassy!

4. Here is a series of giffs showing the events involving the murder of a Trump supporter. See Simplex’s analysis of the video here, where he says that listening to the audio, the gun is fired a second before the mace is used.

5. MPP Randy Hillier on Covid contradictions

6. Biden says ‘chicanery’ at polls is the only way he could lose US election

(Story at link. Chris Jones’ comment here)

7. So we have to lock ourselves down and destroy our economy, but for sure still bring in as many people as want to come who will contribute nothing to the economy if it ever reopens.

8. Just about everything around Covid is a lie at this point.

9. Here is what should be an excellent question but we all know the answer.

10. a BBC lie of omission. They fail to mention that the attack on the police station near Paris is by muslims. But the voice in the video sounds suspiciously non-French. Breitbart has a good item on this event including other atrocities that have taken place in the region recently such as:

It was the latest action among numerous attacks against police officers, and sometimes firefighters, that Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin says are a sign that France is growing “savage.”

Last week, two police officers in civilian clothes were pulled from their vehicle in a Paris suburb and shot multiple times with their own guns. One officer remains in serious condition.

11. Muslim Woman Trashes Liquor Section of French Supermarket for a Second Time

A Muslim woman in the French city of Reims ransacked the liquor area of a supermarket for the second time in under a month, causing even more property damage than the first incident.

The first attack took place on September 16th at a Spar supermarket in the Croix Rouge area of the city at around 6 p.m. and saw the woman smash bottles of liquor before she was eventually arrested by police and taken for psychiatric evaluation.

On Thursday, the woman returned to the same supermarket and began again smashing hundreds of liquor bottles and allegedly explaining to witnesses that her religion, Islam, forbids alcohol. She also said she suffered from mental problems, L’Unionreports.

“I was outside the door when I heard the sound of broken glass,” local resident Salah Byar said.

“I turned around and saw this woman throwing bottles everywhere. I wanted to come in to calm her down but an employee asked me out because I was in danger of getting hit.”

(‘Multiculturalism’ is an oxymoron)

Thank you Johnny U., M., Richard, C., Wrath of Khan, Chris Jones, Simplex, CathyB., and many more who are diligent this weekend.

Another kind of bomb threat


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7 Replies to “Police station under attack, BBC lies, Move covid skepticism: Links 2, October 11, 2020”

  1. 6 – The Democrats haven’t accepted the results of the 2016 election so why would any sane person think they will accept the results of the 2020 election.

    Biden and the Dems are setting the stage for a contested election that will be the cause for major violence on the streets.

      • I was trying to be funny in my first post but now the question of why the attack is serious? If there wasn’t some easily understood reason the only thing that makes sense is a psyops attack to harass the police and keep them jumpy.

        The psyops attack is the only thing that comes to mind, if it is a psyops attack then we have to consider if this was ordered by Erodgan as a warning to the French to stay out of Turkish business or face more serious attacks in the future. Since Turkey is squaring off against Russia and France is siding with Greece Erdogan not wanting to face off against two relatively well armed nations at the same time staging a warning/harassing attack makes sense.

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