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10 Replies to “Brad Johnson on the potential move of US base from Turkey to Greece”

  1. I like the idea, it would move the personal that are currently semi hostage to Erodagn and his Imperialistic dreams. It not only moves them to semi safety, it protects Greece and it gives Putin the ability to threaten that there is no longer any restraint on what he can do.

  2. Can you ask them to turn up the volume on these videos? Sounds like whispering. Or mabey I’m spoiled by Bitslide, an app for Android.

    • I get complaints about the audio from others as well. I get a frequent complaint that my audio in particular is very low. But when I listen to it, it sounds fine.

      I think it has something to do with the stereo image but I don’t know. It would be great if others would comment on how they find it so we can track down where the issue is. Please list your device type when you tell us if there is a problem or even if there is not.


  3. D.C. Swamp rats have an unnatural affection for the filthy Turk. Career foreign service apparatchiks are as MB as they are Demonrat. PT’s appointment of enablers to this megalomaniac have only encouraged his aggression. Greece may be sloppy and sometimes craven, but we’ve got to help them.

    The State Department has a Turkey problem

    …This brings us back to the State Department. While the Pentagon, the vast majority of congressmen from both parties, the Treasury Department, and the intelligence community recognize the reality of Turkey’s transformation under Erdogan, a core group of U.S. diplomats and State Department appointees continue to apologize for and rationalize Turkish behavior and dilute measures to hold Turkey to account.…

    Rather than bolster security in the Eastern Mediterranean, State Department equivocation has undermined it. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo may slow-roll Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act implementation out of deference to President Trump, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. The State Department has a huge Turkey problem, and until it begins operating in conformity to U.S. law and congressional intent, for a single purpose and as part of a coherent national strategy, and in conformity to U.S. interests, the national security of the U.S. will suffer.


    • Khaled Abu Toameh, Sept. 8, 2020:
      Turkey’s ‘Filthy War’ against Syria, Libya

      • The Turkish regime, about a month ago, cut off the water supply to residents of northern Syria, where the temperature in August easily reaches more than 39° Celsius (103° Fahrenheit). [nearly a million people]

      • [A]lthough the European Union has objected to Erdogan’s “provocations”, it has not taken any effective action to stop him from pursuing his violations against the civilians in northern Syria. [Yet they’re oh-so-upset about over-crowding on Lesbos.]

      • Maj. Gen. Ahmad Al-Mismari, spokesman of the Libyan National Army, warned Europe against the escalation of illegal immigration across the Mediterranean, and indicated that this migration may not be innocent: there may be terrorist elements among them that cause unrest in Europe.

      • “The move against Palestine is not a step that can be stomached,” Erdogan said. The thirst-ravaged Syrian civilians near the border with Turkey and the victims of the civil war in Libya, however, do not seem to be worried about the Israel-UAE deal. Erdogan’s victims want to see him held to account for his crimes against innocent civilians.…


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