Samizdat plays a more important role than we might have hoped for: Links 1, September 17, 2020

1. Brazilian leader, Jair Bolsonaro’s son, Eduardo Bolsonaro proposes a bill criminalizing Nazism and Communism and explains it in this video

2. So, the CDC wants both masks AND a vaccine now? I can see why they want to continue critical race theory despite Trump’s order

3. Federal Court Rules Pennsylvania’s Lockdown Order Unconstitutional

A federal judge on Monday has ruled that lockdown restrictions imposed by Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf (D), including a ban on large gatherings and the closure of “non-life sustaining businesses,” are unconstitutional.

While those restrictions were “well-intentioned,” wrote U.S. District Judge William Stickman IV, “good intentions toward a laudable end are not alone enough to uphold governmental action against a constitutional challenge. Indeed, the greatest threats to our system of constitutional liberties may arise when the ends are laudable and the intent is good—especially in time of emergency.”

In May, Wolf and Pennsylvania Department of Health Secretary Rachel Levine were sued by a coalition of counties, federal and state elected representatives, and several small businesses over the state’s coronavirus restrictions. The restrictions included a shelter-in-place order requiring people to stay in their homes, a closure of all “non-life-sustaining” businesses, and bans on gatherings of more than 25 people indoors, or 250 people for outdoor gatherings.

4. Nigel Farage still exposing how the British government appears to be assisting mass illegal immigration into the UK. Exactly how the RCMP, Canada’s federal police, are STILL helping illegal migrants enter Canada through a US border where they fly in to New York state from Africa and the Maghreb.

5. Swedish Justice Minister Denies ‘Population Replacement’ Amid New Immigration Policy Proposal

As Sweden has long enjoyed the reputation of having some of Europe’s most liberal policies toward immigration, asylum and family integration, the share of residents with a foreign background now exceeds a quarter of the population.

The Swedish Migration Committee has submitted a new report with proposals on the country’s future immigration policy, national broadcaster SVT reported.

The committee’s 600-page report includes a mixed bag of 26 proposals and features the strengthening of some measures as well as the relaxing of others. For instance, it wants time-limited residence permits instead of permanent ones to be the basic option for those seeking asylum. In addition, it wants to introduce livelihood and language requirements for those who seek a permanent residence permit in Sweden. However, so-called “quota refugees” will be exempted from these requirements.

At the same time, the committee wants to return to the previous arrangements where immigrants without valid grounds for asylum can still be granted a residence permit in the event of “extremely painful circumstances”.

6. Minneapolis City Council alarmed by crime surge after defunding police

Minneapolis City Council members, who just two months ago moved to eliminate the police department, sounded the alarm during a Wednesday meeting about a surge in crime seen by their constituents.

Council members pressed police Chief Medaria Arradondo about the uptick in crimes that included daylight carjackings, robberies, assaults, shootings and street racing.

“Residents are asking, ‘Where are the police?’” said Council Member Jamal Osman, noting that constituents’ calls to the Minneapolis Police Department have gone unanswered. “That is the only public safety option they have at the moment. MPD. They rely on MPD. And they are saying they are nowhere to be seen.

Council President Lisa Bender accused police of intentionally not enforcing laws or making arrests.

7. It keeps getting better with Biden

8. People are getting fed up

9. Michelle Malkin charts Soros money to communist insurgents. Click though to see the thread.

10. The White House press briefing did NOT GET A SINGLE QUESTION on the Middle East Peace Deal

(Once again, not fake news. It is enemy propaganda)

Thank you Wrath of Khan, JH., Johnny U., Hellequin GB., Tama, EB., Seneca the Elder, and many more who dare tread the waters of samizdat.

Speaking of which:

How the Underground Press Will Thwart the Media and Re-Elect Donald Trump

As the saying goes, the difference between the New York Times and the old Soviet Pravda is that Pravda readers knew they were being lied to.

To circumvent the Soviet mainstream media, dissidents created what they called the “samizdat,” their word for the clandestine copying and distribution of literature banned by the state.

To circumvent our mainstream media, conservatives have created their own samizdat, an unorganized network of blogs, public forums, news-aggregators, online publications, talk radio shows, citizen-journalists, and legal monitors such as Judicial Watch, a truth force that one Second Amendment blogger aptly called “a coalition of willing Lilliputians.”

Despite repeated attempts by Big Tech to thwart the samizdat, the internet has given the Lilliputians unprecedented reportorial power, and social media —  Facebook and Twitter most prominently — have given them an ability to distribute their message in ways Soviet dissidents could only imagine.  It was the samizdat that carried Donald Trump to victory in 2016 and, barring massive vote fraud, will carry him again in 2020.

Meanwhile, in Canada: —> Interesting video of “youths” swarming and throwing things at RCMP in Vancouver. One youth throws a show at an officer. What kind of people throw a shoe at police?

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  1. 2. – Scientific American Endorses Joe Biden
    by The Editors | Scientific American October 2020 Issue


    It wasn’t just a testing problem: if almost everyone in the U.S. wore masks in public, it could save about 66,000 lives by the beginning of December, according to projections from the University of Washington School of Medicine. Such a strategy would hurt no one. It would close no business. It would cost next to nothing. But Trump and his vice president flouted local mask rules, making it a point not to wear masks themselves in public appearances.

    • ..
      “.Carvalho believes that philosophy, since at least Rene Descartes, has broken with its Greek roots in the Socratic project. According to Carvalho, the philosophy developed initially by Socrates and his disciple Plato was based on the search for understanding the position of the individual in the universe. Therefore, individual experience is the raw material of philosophical reflection. By contrast, modern philosophy in the form in which it started to develop under Descartes abandoned this understanding of the importance of personal experience as a compass of philosophical construction in favor of an extreme introspection. Carvalho calls this displacement cognitive parallax.”

      “The proletariat, according to Marx, is the only class capable of apprehending the reality of the historical process and contemplating reality beyond the illusion imposed by class ideology. But, we must ask ourselves, how is it that Marx, a non-proletarian, could have been the announcer of a truth that only a proletarian could contemplate? This elementary contradiction between philosophy and reality is the cognitive parallax.”

  2. I hope this proposal of Bolsanaro’s becomes law. And I hope other countries follow suit. This is probably the single most positive piece of news I’ve seen in the last decade. Should have been done at least 40 years ago.

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