Just 2 weeks to flatten the curve, and Nashville lied about low covid numbers in case people stop being afraid: Links 2, September 17, 2020

1. Just 2 weeks to flatten the curve. Right?

OTTAWA — Social gatherings in Ottawa will need to be a little smaller as the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise.

CTV News Queen’s Park Bureau Chief Colin D’Mello reports the Ontario Government will scale back the size of social gatherings at private settings in Ottawa, Toronto and Peel Region to 10 people indoors and 25 people outdoors.

2. A glimpse at the Dystopia the CBC is packaging for Canadians this winter. Especially listen to what the Covid saleslady tells us is the worst thing we should do, with prepackaged individual food, masks, outdoors etc. etc.

3. Insulting the founder of Islam, Mohammad the madman, is worse than police killing black people. yeah. According to a “Canadian scholar” AKA some bearded imam in Victoria BC.

4. Watching this UN “sneak preview” makes one wonder if Covid 19 isn’t in reality a China+UN+COMINTERN plot to create a massive world wide crisis to reboot the world into a communist one world government nightmare. Most of what it shows are fictional man made crisis, like Covid and the death of George Floyd as being serious global problems, as opposed to the reaction to these events, while claiming in the voice over that poverty is not natural but man made. Which is at best a half truth used as the damnedest of lies.

5. I bet i know who got those extra ballots

6. Trudeau govt department to build $2.6 MILLION monument to itself

(would be interesting to know where a policy like this fits on a DSM 5 narcism scale)

The Department of Foreign Affairs has announced that it will be constructing a $2,611,250 monument to itself, as staff explained that the monument would serve as a “lasting tribute” to their work, according to Blacklock’s Reporter.

“Employees can find themselves separated from their families for extended periods while posted in distant locales,” said Staff. “This involves sacrifices by spouses and children who leave family, friends and sometimes careers behind.”

The statue will be placed on a 500 square-metre plot of land “to accommodate gatherings and small ceremonies” near the Foreign Affairs department headquarters on Sussex Drive in Ottawa.

7. REVEALED: Nashville city officials suppressed real pandemic data to extend lockdown

Emails have been leaked between the mayor’s office and the local Department of Health in the city of Nashville revealing that they wanted to conceal the number of coronavirus cases from bars and restaurants. They considered the numbers to be “too low.”

These emails happened on June 30th after they could only come up with a mere 22 cases that had anything to do with bars and restaurants. At the same time, they found over 1000 cases tied to construction sites and anther over 1000 cases tied to nursing homes.

According to WZTV, a local Fox affiliate, an official from the Department of Health emailed an advisor in the mayor’s office, asking for confirmation that they were not to release the data:

Leslie Waller from the health department asks, “This isn’t going to be publicly released, right? Just info for Mayor’s Office?”

“Correct, not for public consumption,” writes senior advisor Benjamin Eagles.

By July 30th, with numbers rising across the board, there were still only 80 or so cases tied to the city’s numerous bars and restaurants.

(The article also explains that bars have to close at 10:00 PM. How does that help at all? Especially added to forcing a maximum of 50% capacity. These policies seem more tailored to force restaurants to close than stop a disease)


8. Trailer for new documentary on how non-Muslims are treated in Islamic countries and regions, Infidel. Interview with film maker here.

9. A few snippets of the US Constitution on Constitution day to show why the US is spectacular for having it, and why the rest of us need it

10. Police ask for help to find people who shot up the homes of two Camden County police officers.

Thank you all for your contributions. It has been a very busy and productive day. MANY videos with critical information in the works, that do not say that this Covid ‘pandemic’ is a Chinese, UN, COMINTERN plot to reboot the world in a neo-Marxist image, but one might be tempted to come to that conclusion on one’s own. I hope to post them ASAP.

Also more Brad Johnson videos shortly.



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6 Replies to “Just 2 weeks to flatten the curve, and Nashville lied about low covid numbers in case people stop being afraid: Links 2, September 17, 2020”

  1. 10 – The attacks on the police families and homes have begun, they will increase if the people who are ordering and paying for the attacks aren’t stopped. Another example of the inreasing violence is the way that 2 staffers of Ilhan Omars GOP opponent were shot with one of them dead and the other fighting for life.

  2. 7. I’m from Nashville and here to tell you that formerly uninformed Nashvillians are “woke” and have had it with “Chicken Coop.” We tried keep him from levying a 34% property tax increase in the middle of this virus mess but his comrades on our Metro Nashville Council ignored the will of the people and voted it in. He said that the city was broke (because of a bloated bureaucracy and crony business deals and reckless spending) and we had to suffer this tax! While businesses were shutting down and their employees were laid off, the Metro government continued to get paid and Cooper and the Council voted themselves a raise!!! We’ve had two democrat scandals in a row, one sex, one power, and now people are thinking it’s time for a change. His Facebook page is on fire from our anger.

    Nashville is called Music City for a reason. Talented musicians, singers and songwriters come here from all over the nation and even from foreign countries to hone their craft, their art, and to entertain people at all levels of the industry. You didn’t have to make it big in Nashville to make it in the business of music, to make a decent living. Now this socialist power monger, this little Napoleon, this spiteful creep has taken this industry down to the ground and We, the People are going to have his hide.

  3. CHINA FLU – Quebec news:

    1. BLOC QUEBECOIS leader Blanchet’s test result: Positive.

    2. Parti Quebecois (PQ): Political attaché and Spokesperson was fired on-the-spot when it was discovered he is against mask-wearing. Someone looked into his personal Facebook postings. The guy supports the anti-mask movement. He now wears the ‘Conspiracy-Theorist’ crown.


  4. 3. Insulting the founder of Islam, Mohammad the madman, is worse than police killing black people. yeah. According to a “Canadian scholar” AKA some bearded imam in Victoria BC.

    If I had been President of the United States at the time of the 9/11 attacks I would not have retaliated by attacking Iraq. Instead, I would have made a detailed accurate list of all the Imams like this guy, the most important ones, wherever they might be, and then I would have started killing them all, one-by-one, just like Mossad. They’re literally screaming for our blood, for God’s sake! Similarly, when the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini put a murder-contract out on a British citizen he should have received a cruise missile through his dining room window right about dinner time. No words, just “bang!”. Never mind all the “sanctions” bullshit. Don’t ever think the top Imams at Alazar and Mecca couldn’t negotiate a ten-year “truce” with the Infidels and let us all forget about suicide bombers and Jihad for good. And don’t ever think a whole lot of actual moderate Muslims wouldn’t be very happy to see that happen…

    It’s these and bigger more important Imams who are the problem and they could call the whole Jihad thing off in a heartbeat if they felt like it, so we should make them feel like it – that’s all. Too bad I’m not the King of the world. I would have solved the Islamic Jihad problem in a few months and saved thousands of lives – mainly Muslim – in the process…

    These guys are urging people to commit murder and they need to get clipped immediately…

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